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26-11-2004, 21:49
Greetings Guild Wars Players,

My nick is GnR, and I am a member of "The Older Gamers" (TOG) PC gaming community. TOG is a community for players 25 years and older. We are active in a variety of action and role-playing games. Currently we have guilds, clans, or teams in World of Warcraft, EQ2, Call of Duty, Lineage 2, and Americas Army to name a few.

TOG is a casual but competitive PC gaming community. We realize that older players have wives, kids, and mortgages but still love playing games. TOG is also active in game ladders and competitions.

TOG currently has 1000 registered members but we always welcome more. For more information about our community please visit http://www.theoldergamers.com.

Guild Wars Division Captain
The Older Gamers

01-12-2004, 21:14

I hadn't even considered joining a Guild before because I can't make a commitment to play as much as possible (real life tends to get in the way), but after reading this post and checking out your web site, I think I'd like to give it a shot. My only concern is that most of your members interested in playing Guild Wars live in Australia (with the notable exception of a certain Canadian). I know the FAQ says there are "shift workers" for TOC on at certain times, but who's to say those will be the times I'm available to play? For my part, I do plan on playing this game way too much :evil: Probably from about 6 PM to 11 PM weekdays, and who knows? on weekends...I might be able to play all day or not at all.

Anyway, here are my personal goals in Guild Wars, in order of importance:

A. Explore the entire game world & complete all quests, preferably including bonus quests. Basically, see everything there is to see in the PvM realm.

B. Try out all sorts of character class/skill combinations. This was my favorite thing to do in Diablo 2, though I usually got bored with my characters shortly after reaching level 30, and abandoned them to go try out another build...

C. PvP and Guild vs Guild battles. I'm not at all concered with being in a Top 10, Top 100 or Top 10,000,000 Guild. I just want to try it out every once in a while between missions, or to earn skill points (if that's still how it's going to work in the final version).

So do you think there will be enough TOC players in my time zone who have similar goals?