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02-12-2004, 14:25
1. Having to have “dead”, “death”, “evil”, or “black,” or “shadow,” “blood,” “chaos,” “dark,” “devil,” “assassin,” or “darkness” in your guild name to be taken seriously?
2. L33t dudes who can’t type a complete sentence?
3. Individuals who feel like they need to swear like sailors in order to mask what must be deep, underlying, insecurities?
4. Guild leadership who run their organization like a gulag?
5. Guilds that think a game is a full-time job and think play time is more important than skill?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Harbinger is in a period of open-enrollment recruiting for Guild Wars.

1. “Ph34r my l33t bu1ld d00d!”, “kewl”, “pwnd” or “ur” are a coveted part of your online vocabulary
2. Profanity makes up your favorite set of adjectives, adverbs, and exclamation marks
3. You want to play a necromancer (ok to test them pre-release, but no post-release necros)

Don’t bother joining.

But if:

1. You are an individual who enjoys competitive gaming, can discuss tactics at an advanced level, and enjoy creative group-build optimization/experimentation
2. You can be counted on in battle to balance quick thinking / fluid decision-making with strong role execution
3. You believe the good guys don’t always finish last
4. You believe that the true test of your measure lies on the Guild battle fields, not in the monster-infested wilderness (restated, that while the PvE environment is a necessary antecedent to PvP, human opponents provide infinitely more variety, challenge, and fun than computer AI)
5. You are seeking a friendly environment in which having fun while winning is considered the norm, not just a “stately pleasure dome” of which to dream
6. You know what I am referring to in the prior point
7. You have a sense of humor—whether personally witty or as an “appreciator”—and are neither a jerk nor a megalomaniac, misogynist, or xenophobe
8. You think the autocratic, command & control guild structure should have been discarded when polyester was still in vogue (implicit in this, however, is that you understand the difference between those moments when reaching internal consensus is necessary, and when it would be a hindrance)
9. You are a polite individual (whether vocal and bubbly or a strong, silent Bogart-like type) who does not use that politeness as a pretext for sloppy results on the battlefield
10. You want a guild in which the players play because they find the game fun, not because there are requirements to maintain their guild membership

Then you have found the right place. Good guys don’t always finish last. Harbinger will strive to prove this true.

The guild will have Teamspeak or Ventrilo and a website within approximately four weeks. In the meantime, communication will happen via email and in-game.

About me: I have played many of the past MMORPGs, including as an acolyte in an uber-guild in DaoC and as the founder of a 100-person guild in Shadowbane. I have searched for a game that combines a persistent environment with skill-based rewards (rather than time-based)—I think Guild Wars fits the bill better than anything I’ve come across. I understand that many “good” people like to play “evil” characters on-line, but I am not one of them. And I don’t think that is justification for feeble results on the battlefields.

What to do if you want to join: Send an email to wrael@hotmail.com.

Please indicate in the email:
1. Your approximate age—feel free to round to the nearest five, and round down to 35 if you are older than that
2. Which MMORPGS/FPS you have played before (or indicate if you are new to the genre and need a little extra orientation in-game)
3. What the phrase “stately pleasure dome” refers to
4. Your favorite color
5. Your in-game name, including the name by which to contact you this weekend in the preorder weekend event (or let me know if you won’t be on this weekend and want to get an invite at a future date). Please note that Harbinger recommends you have two in-game characters (for build flexibility) and that all of your characters must use the same first name. The reason for this is that when Ventrilo is set up prior to launch, the first name of your characters will be used as your name when we’re talking in voicechat. With the first name of your characters all the same, there will not be confusion between the onscreen name and the Ventrilo name.
6. Whether you have web-design skills and have a desire to work on the webpage. I will set up hosting, but would like someone else to be in charge of site creation/updates
7. That you understand the guild rules. Full disclosure: No being a jerk, no swearing, no l33tspeak, no necromancers.

Or please send me an email if you have further questions. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you this weekend.

Wrael Runeweaver