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02-12-2004, 16:44
Hail Stranger, and Well Met!

After much consideration, and solemn soul searching, the concept for a guild was born. Designed to be an open

society of gamers who enjoy all aspects of Guild Wars, this guild's purpose is to allow people of various

backgrounds and preferences to meet each other and develop a kinship of sorts through the game.

Heroes, vagabonds, wanderers, gladiators, witches, wizards, warriors... all are welcome to join. We call

ourselves Heroes Etc... and we are looking to expand our membership roles through the upcoming beta.

If you would like to take an active role in the creation of our community, whether as a member or more, drop us a


You can visit our site at : http://heet.baaweb.biz/ to read more about us and our goals.

A few points of interest:

- We do not discriminate against any type of gamer. Casual, hardcore, whatever lay in between, you are welcome.

PvP, PvE, Roleplay? C'mon in! We have a place for you.

- We do not believe that a gaming experience should be guided by harsh guidelines or strict rules. We ask for

common sense, respect and courtesy.

- An organizational structure is in place to help organize the guild's activities, but it is not a military

hierarchy of rulers vs subordinates. The guild officers' purpose will be to organize PvP battles, quests and

other activities as they come along, not to force some type of restrictions upon our members.

- PvP organization will be handled by an officer (or officers as we grow larger) whose purpose will be organizing

groups to participate. Practices will be at the participant's discretion. Mandatory practices will not be an


- A teamspeak server is set up for our use to enable communication in the fog of war.

Anything else? Check out our site!

Edit: Fallen - updated the link to the website at the request of Dannzzigg

22-12-2004, 12:35

Heroes Etc... has been growing by leaps and bounds since the last beta. At last count we have 17 members who all share our ideals of forming a community of non-exclusionary gamers who value comeraderie and maturity.

Check out our site. You just might like us!

06-04-2005, 16:54
Once more, it has become necessary to move to a new home.

Heroes Etc... can now be found at http://members.cox.net/dannzzigg

We are currently looking to expand our community of approximately 30 members, so if you share the goals and ideals of the HEroes Etc... philosophy, drop us a line!