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06-12-2004, 21:10
I do not Item Find alone, Happy does and has written a guide on how to do that. Though I believe he said his didnt work as well as it did before. That being said, these are the places I found out to provide a lot of rares and Giant's Boots that can result in runes.

The Riverside mission. There are three ways to play this mission. Two of them are to beat it, the stealth route, and the kill everything route. The third path you can choose to take is the "MF route". Heav, cc, and jj were with me on this mission several times. This mission, IMO is the best one to find items in. If your playing with only or mostly guild members then theres no reason to complain about the drops, because we are all benefiting from it. It is my belief that it is easiest and most beneficial to item find with guild members instead of doing it solo. You get less drops to your self, but the quality of drops in this mission is much better. Keep in mind I do not exclusively play the mission to item find, merely stating that this mission is a great one to do it in.

I forgot to take a screenie of this route, during the next even I will take a screenie of this map and try to explain it better. Because it is a higher area mission the drops seem to be better. At the end there is also a portion with several Hill Giants, usually dropping a few Giant's Boots, which have very often yielded runes for me. (The Sanctum Clay misson also yields a good ammount of Giant's Boots.) This way to play the Riverside mission, which I have chosen to dub the "MF route" is pretty darn lucrative. Never have a few rares failed to drop, and with both my skill rings I found this weekend coming from there I see nothing wrong with this route. The mantle are almost completly ignored and pose no threat. The toughest battle you will face is the four guys at the temple. If you like having more items designated to you, you can go into this mission without a full team as this route doesn't need all six members. I immagine even that Happy might be able to solo it except for the area with the four at the end.

The second area is an explorable area a map or two away from Sanctum Clay. Heav, Ly, and I ventured across this together. The thing about this area is that it is littered with Hill Giants. We were simply exploring at that point in time, but the area is abundant in Hill Giants and you can simply leave the area and reinsert it to respawn them and slaughter them all over. I believe at this time it was just Heav, Ly, and I and no henchmen.

It seemed too easy to find rares and runes this weekend. I hope that changes.

So tell me where did you guys find everything you needed? I'm curious too if you cuvited the same area you did before Happy. I myself didnt devote any of my time to specifically item finding, only playing around in the missons and exploring yet I found 5 runes, several rares, and never once specifically item finded, as I dont like to do it and dont have fun doing it. Though partied with 3-4 people I still had a decent amount of drops, and as someone who couldnt stand playin this game by himself, still had a blast.

06-12-2004, 21:49
The area I ran was the same as last week. The idea of my guide was quantity over quality. I managed to make a little over 40 steel this weekend doing it, but I found my self with an abundance of hides and cloth which was the staple of my profit. The idea was to find a lot of hides and cloth and then trade them for what is needed. Someone told me you could now make cloth and hides at the crafters, or something of the sort, and that could be part of my problem. Although Kaz told me he was able to trade them for a reasonable value even towards the end. When the beta event ended though I had close to 400 of the two combined. It is not to say that I didn't find any good items on my runs though. I still find runes, even major runes, and rings, but in terms of weapons you need to be killing higher level monsters to get the good ones. As for the hill giants at the end of the riverside mission all you have to do is lure some Mantle over and let them duke it out, then whoever is left standing you get to take out, works quickly and easily. At first I thought the level I ran was made harder, but all I actually had to do was change the way I ran the level. I don't mind trading, but I don't like to spend large amount of time looking for a good or reasonable offer, so I may look into doing the later levels in an attempt to minimize this.

I should have updated my guide during the beta event so that it was accurate and could be run. If anyone tried running it in the way it is currently explained they would be sure to lose. Of course I was to busy playing Guild Wars though except on Sunday where I was afk for most of the day. Anyways, I look forward to trying out some new areas next weekend event.

06-12-2004, 22:05
Hides and cloth werent worth much of anything this event though. Since the crafters sold them for 2 gold apiece. Thats why I turned to runes and rares available in the later missions. As far as cloth/hides go the best place to find them is in the early ascalon missions hands down. I often finished a mission with 20-30 more hides/cloth then I entered it with. The salvageable drops in that area are amazingingly high. But like I said, I really dont like to devote time to item finding, I just mean to point out areas that are high in drops from my observations.

Have you actually soloed the Riverside mission happy? I know you made a comment about the Mantle and Hill Giants. If you soloed that your definatly the Item Finding god!

1SG Bowie
06-12-2004, 22:19
Ever since I have first gained the gold to use one I have used an expert salvage kit only. Once you get over being entirely broke you tend find or make gold to the point that you can afford such extravagant luxury items.

This past Sunday I spent my time in attempting the mission (exploring the area) outside of “The Wilds”.

I tend to pick-up everything no matter how crappy it is. I have yet to find a rare item or a rune but, I did have a different kind of luck. One of the items I picked-up was a “Rusty Sword” and, the salvage that I received from it was a “Sword Pommel with +1 to Swordsmanship”.

Apparently there is a very small chance to get something good out of junk. Dumb-luck has my number and calls every now and again.

06-12-2004, 22:38
No, I only did it with a team of henchman, though they weren't entirely to helpful. They often got stuck attacking the towers or something of the sort and were sometimes more of a hassle then they were worth. However, there are certain parts that I just can't disk out enough dmg to kill a guy. When soloing I had great difficulty with the level 24 Zealots because he could heal enough to nullify my damage, so it was necessary to have at least another henchman with me. I'm curious what grade of runes you find. So far out of the around 13 runes I have found only 1 has not been minor. It was a major rune of vigor. What are all the grades of runes by the way? I think I have heard minor, major, and superior or something like that.

06-12-2004, 23:06
Bowie are you sure that stat wasnt allready on the sword? To my knowledge these are not random, pommels/hilts/hafts/wrappings/strings, etc can only come from items that drop with modifiers. Usually this is in prefix and suffix style with extra thigns like '+ energy' or '20% extra damage when blabla'. Now the things I expertly salvaged from these items werent allways the same stat that was noted on the weapon, but they were a hilt/haft/etc. Also...just for everyones knowledge, you can check your weapon to see if it has one or two upgrade components on it, and then you can salvage them from it. Go to a crafter and drag your weapon to the upgrade slot. If it comes up with no upgradeable slots that dropped weapon allready has its components on it, making it have that ice damage or etc. Then just salvage it. If it has two slots open, it has no upgrade component on it, and none would be salvageable. I too used to use an expert only but after research this weekend I found that it was not cost effective to do so.

Most non rare salvageable items yeild the exact same things whether using expert or not. I tested this pretty well expiring one of each kit, during the first day. I recorded my findings on paper, and guys....theres no advantage to using expert over normal on most salvageable items. Now the ones you shouldnt do it on are the ones that can result in steel and runes. You just gotta be careful about what your salvageing and just go to the Salvageable Items Guide (http://www.gwonline.net/page.php?p=90) . It's fairly accurate, and is probably going to be updated again before the next event. In the first weekend it was ok to use Expert on everything, but now they cost 40 apiece. I cant afford that. The highest gold I ever had was 287. That came from selling all supplies i didnt need in my inventory...after crafting the armor I had about 90 left, only because I couldnt craft the last, lol. Bones dont drop near as much as they did before, and they were where all my money came from. 250 bones = 250 gold. I dont know what I'll do next weekend since I exausted all my bones/wood this weekend.

1SG Bowie
07-12-2004, 00:23
I did not take it to a crafter to check but, there were no visible modifiers on the weapon. I wonder if it is possible for an item to not show such a stat if it is damaged in some way.

Because it is not possible to see the item stats when you have the salvage tool equipped; I take several steps to prevent any mistakes. I am just a bit paranoid.
1) My items are arranged in a special order.
2) I always check an item before I salvage it.

On this mission I had only henchmen with me and, in those cases I tend to take my time. It was after a rather nasty fight and, I was waiting for my monk henchman to resurrect the rest of the henchmen. As I waited I salvaged the items that I had picked-up so far.

Because I tend to salvage everything shortly after I get it when I play solo; I only had the sword and a flat-bow at that time. I guess the only other possibility is a glitch in the system.

07-12-2004, 03:26
Hmm. Well I'm not saying its impossible, but I just didnt encounter that. I did get a lot of upgrade components, but they came from items that generally I could tell would generate them. Ofcourse after the first day I stopped using expert on everything due to its cost.

And yah that zealot at the end and the other three guys is what I thought might give you trouble on soloing Happy. You can easily take care of all the undead/fog nigtmares on what I dubbed the MF Route. Dont know why I call it that...no mf...lol.

My major rune came from a Hill Giant's boot, I dont believe it was a rare one. The rares usually generated lesser runes for me, go figure. I am confused on runes because I think they changed the names from last weekend. Last weekend I believe it was lesser, greater, and exceptional and this weekend all the runes I found were minor, major, and superior (didnt actualy see one of these). Or maybe I'm confused and it says lesser rune of minor ...greater rune of major..exceptional rune of superior. I honestly dont remember, my brain is so fried. I slept all of today really from my long weekend of playing. Not a good thing.

I only found about 5 or 6 runes with one of them being Major.

~Kazama Fury~
07-12-2004, 09:35
though that area doesnt have many good weapons to find, i found myself fortunate that the time happy showed me the run, one of the bosses dropped a nice hammer, which is the one i am currently using. i know its not the best compared to the others out there, but i like it.

its a 16-26, has +18% damage, +19 health, -4 armor when attacking, lenghtens weakness. with custom, now it has a total of +38% dmg.

07-12-2004, 22:41
That health bonus is huge! And lengthen weakness can be very effective. I have been told that on hafts/wrappings/etc that give plus percentages or plus levels during certain actions can vary when applied to the weapon. For instance a x% chance to cause blabla, could when aplied have a 2x% chance. I havent upgraded any weapon with these to test but if it is true I have an axe haft that claims to make one gain 2% more addrenaline on strikes. If that does vary when applied it could be very useful.

09-12-2004, 01:09
Hey Tsume.
We would of gotten more if we all had more time. I found another place in there when our Family went. I did take alot of screen shots. :scratch: WOW I got alot of ya.
I'm putting up a web page with all our screen shots. AWESOME place next beta that's where I plan to game alot. It can be played alone if ya'll are careful.
Miss playing the game with ya Tsume. :xgrin:

10-12-2004, 21:34
Here's some interesting comments from the latest "Fan Site Friday" regarding items:

>> There will definitely be exceptional items in Guild Wars, those sorts of things that are the talk of a guild and the envy of townsfolk throughout Tyria. The reason that you may not have seen too many of those items yet is that we’ve not opened up the high-end missions that will offer the greater level of remarkable drops. If you recall our recent revelations about the concept that we’re calling “Worlds at War,” you’ll remember that this system provides an opportunity for a guild holding the Hall of Heroes to open up new maps for everyone in their world. These maps will feature new quests and objectives, and upon participating in these challenging tasks you may earn the reward of a special item drop or two.

It’s important to the core design philosophy of Guild Wars that items not unbalance the professions. We certainly do not want to offer one item that everyone “needs” to have in order to be successful. We want to assure a fairness factor, and we want to avoid items that displace strategy as the greater factor in victory. And of course we would like to avoid cookie cutter characters who, despite the wide variety of choices in Guild Wars, might all look alike due to those certain few uber items. The bottom line is that we are developing exceptional items and we’ll incorporate them in a way that makes them fun and challenging to obtain and very exciting to own. <<

12-12-2004, 16:27
Hey Tsume.
We would of gotten more if we all had more time. I found another place in there when our Family went. I did take alot of screen shots. :scratch: WOW I got alot of ya.
I'm putting up a web page with all our screen shots. AWESOME place next beta that's where I plan to game alot. It can be played alone if ya'll are careful.
Miss playing the game with ya Tsume. :xgrin:

:xcool: I'm glad someone has some pics of me. I just dont ever seem to take pics. I did manage to get a really nice one of you though, as well as our craaaaazy :xmad: nude beach party. Which by the way, everyone started doing and that pesky necro kept putting his nude hunchback directly in the view of my camera so i didnt get to take but 2 or 3 pics.

Anyhow I got a great pic of you, aka The Invisible Heav. Lets just say that grahpics are extremely glitched in water.

Your going to have to show me that other place you found to find things at. I figured out exactly where we were on that map, we were only a handful of areas away from Bloodstone Fen, Riverside, The Wilds, and that pesky Rotscale. I love how everything connects.

26-12-2004, 17:18
Tsume, Of course I have pictures of ya. I'll get them to ya now that x-mas is done with :) Nude parties :shhh:

29-12-2004, 21:44
so this is technically an item. Just so you all know, learn how the Exotic Skill Trader works. Its a trader that costs 25 gold to see a random 3 skills from any and every mix of professions. You are allowed to buy 1 and only 1 of them if you choose for another 25 gold (you get the Skill Charm). This is where all the awesome elite skills are (or at least one place) like Barrage for rangers. Yeah so if you ahve spare gold seems a worthwhile investment, given our guild variety any good skill for any class can be useful.

30-12-2004, 20:11
Undead I wasted plenty of money on that skill charmer. It might be best once the game is released to dictate some funds from all guild members toward this, in the hopes of finding any useful spells for any profession. No doubt, we dont all know what skills are rare for every profession, so we may have to come up with a reference list.