View Full Version : Just a thank you

08-12-2004, 20:09
Didn't know where to put this exactly, but I just wanted to thank whoever gave me that silver dye :) it was much appreciated.

08-12-2004, 21:26
wrong forum, this is the off topic section. meaning no guild wars aloud.
and its pretty much a usles post.

09-12-2004, 00:32
sorry then :( just wanted to say thanks to whoever gave me that dye, as i know they are in this forum somewhere, i just cant remember who

Tarrant Rahl
09-12-2004, 00:32
Actually, there's no really good place for this, but Off-Topic was an understandable choice as I imagine he didn't want to start a thread like this in the Community forum. While the post has little to really do with Guild Wars, it's rare for people to ever say thank you to anyone, so it's nice to see it.

Black, you don't decide what is and isn't useless, so don't post in like manner again. If you feel a post breaks any rules or isn't necessary, you know how to use the report post function.