View Full Version : ANZAC guild is recruiting. AUSTRALIANS / NEW ZEALANDERS look here!

09-12-2004, 09:29
Hello all,

I've copied and pasted the guild information from our forum, http://www.aeoth.net/anzac/forum/index.php .

We are looking to recruit as many fellow Aussies and NZ'ers as possible to join our guild. So if you are interested, please register in our forum and apply for an application there. Thanks.

Please note all these info are subject to change over time, and will be updated.


The ANZAC is a social and fun orientated guild created specifically for Australians and New Zealanders for the game, GuildWars, developed by ArenaNet.

This guild differs from other guilds in that it is created to facilitate a friendly environment for Australians and New Zealanders to teach, learn and have fun with each other so they can enjoy every aspects of the game. The purpose of this guild is NOT to strive for becoming the best of all guilds in pvp nor to be on top of the ladder rank. This guild is not looking to create the type of flustration that may exist in certain heavily pvp orientated guilds which demands a considerable amount of time from their members to participate in any events they may hold.

Put simply, ANZAC is a place for us fellow mates from Australia and New Zealand to get together to have fun with the game.

How do I know if this guild is right for me?

Here are some factors that may determine if ANZAC is a guild suitable for you.

- You are a casual player and does not have the time to commit in any serious pvp guilds.
- You are an Australian or New Zealander looking to hang around with fellow mates to play with during offpeak hours. (peak hours in these countries)
- You just want to have fun with the game but do not want to feel being constrained and the need to comply with any strict guild rules or orders.
- You hate playing with the Amercians....Very Happy Nah, just kidding.

How do I know if this guild is NOT for me?

This guild is definitely not for you if...

- You want to be in the L337EST guild possible and that it is in the top 10 of the ladder rank at all time.
- You want to be in a guild that is extremely pvp orientated and that all efforts are made to compete in the ladder and ultimately strive to be on top of the ladder.

So what are the requirements for joining this guild and how do I apply for it?

The requirement for joining ANZAC is fairly lax at the moment, but is subject to change when we will eventually fill up the available slots to the guild members limit. The following requirements is only effective for the duration of the beta weekend events.

- You have to be a citizen of Australia or New Zealand.
- You will be playing for the remaining beta weekend events.
- You have, or will preorder the game and will continue to play into the retail.
- You have to be at the very least, be semi-dedicated to the game instead of logging on once every 4 weeks or so.

To apply for a membership now, simply open a thread in this forum and at the very least, provide your...

- Names, or expected character names, their levels and classes in GuildWars.
- Location, which country are you from, (Aus/NZ only), which state and which city.
- Your email address so we can contact you.
- Optional: Any other information you would like to provide to get us to know more about you.

Any special rules in this guild?

We haven't really set out the rules for this guild yet. As a friendly, social, fun orientated guild, we would like to ensure all our members to treat each other with respect and help them whenever possible. To prevent me from writing out a bunch of rules that might frighten anyone off, just act maturely in guild, make fun of each other, and do your best to maintain the friendly environment.