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Dekadar Liezen
11-12-2004, 15:58
Wassup All!

In preparation for the game release of Guild Wars! The Durance of Fate has opened there recruitment offices, and for this 1 month only! I would suggest all you guys to check it out, we are currently looking for 10-20 more dedicated GW Fans. The respected fans, must have some kind of previous experience with Guild Wars, E3E/WPE/BWE.

So alittle about the guild, since allot has changed!

Currently now have more than 40+ members

Still aligned with the side of "Good"

Recently, DoF has joined in an alliance with the Remnants of Ascalon. Which is still on a working process

Tons of different teams for all types of people. The Lore Team, Skills Team, Items Team, Monsters Team, and The Website Team. All types of choices for all types of people!

We have all types of events and contests!

The ONLY neccesary requirements for the Guild is:

-Dedication on the Forums

-Must have a AOL Instant Messenger SN.

-Be really really COOL!! , LOL!

Well since you know about US now! I want to know more about you guys, so for a quick recruitment proccess, please contact me ASAP!

My SN is Katarnak310, I am Eastern Standard Time Zone in North America. My usualy times are 9:00 PM EST - 2:00 AM EST.

If you get to be in the guild.. well than, Welcome to The Durance of Fate!

For more Info, please check out the following links!

Durance of Fate Homepage (http://www.DuranceofFate.com)

Durance of Fate Forum's (http://www.DuranceofFate.com/forums)