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Ah Puch
12-12-2004, 00:17
Name: In'Visus Exsilum is latin for "Hated Exiles". Tag: IVEX
Majority Members Location: EST, but several in other time zones as well (working on more obviously)
Approx. Member Count To date: 15-20

Check out IVEX (http://www.ivexguild.com), if your still looking for a guild. We recently opened up the recruitment. We are a small tight knit group who wants to gradually increase membership without loosing our small guild atmosphere. We are not a large guild with 100's of members, i like to know the people i surround myself and my guildmates with.

We are a mostly between the ages of 19-35, mature gamers (with a sense of humor), who are competitive in game but want to have fun while doing it. I wont restrict someone from joining due to age as long as maturity lvl is present. Don't want or need any "Lewt Dewdz", whiners, drama queens, loose cannons, etc.

We focus more on PVP than pve, but we will venture into PVE often as well.

There is an application process, but it's painless. There are a few common sense guidelines available at our website in our forums, but nothing that controls your gameplay.

The application form link can be found in the top menu bar along the top of the site under "Forms". Just follow the links and apply. If you find your self needing help email me at ahpuch@ivexguild.com or PM here or there.

We use Teamspeak in game and out of game for communication, this is a must. If you apply get TS downloaded and ready for follow up after application is recieved.

I look forward to speaking from you. Any Guilds interested in guild alliances for group pvp purposes, contact me as well but the above is mutual for alliances.

Ah Puch aka Kharn
In'Visus Exsilium (Hated Exiles) IVEX
www.ivexguild.com (http://www.ivexguild.com)

Ah Puch
15-12-2004, 08:53
Application form linked below, thanks for the replies/Pm's thus far. Look forward to seeing some more applications!

JOIN IVEX (http://www.ivexguild.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=22&Itemid=49)

Ah Puch
12-01-2005, 20:23
We are working on increasing our numbers for Guildwars and perferbally before January beta weekend. If your looking for a guild, check us out.

Our first weekend pvping together we were able to beat several well ranked alpha guilds, win tombs over a half dozen times, and carry a 5-2 record, loosing only to 13 rank and under teams. We ended the weekend with a 49th place rank. The communication, knowledge, unselfishness, dedication, aggressiveness our new members showed helped us have fun while achieving our goals.

If you care to see our website

To register


The app process is a two step, but is painless and quick.

Ah Puch