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19-12-2004, 00:34
Just wonderin if anyone has tried out this game beta. or has heard any sort of news about it.

It really seems pointless and boring to me, but maybe some people will like it?

19-12-2004, 03:02
I applied for the beta and didn't get in. :(

~Kazama Fury~
21-12-2004, 23:26
i applied too, but didnt get in. :(

the game might seem pointless in a way and repetitive. though i didnt actually try it out, so i cant judge it 100%. the main reason i would play the game is for the plot, i wanna know what happens to the matrix. the ending to revolutions was crap!

28-12-2004, 07:07
more than crap the last movie ruined the whole trilogy for me

Ricky McDay
30-12-2004, 19:34
Me i love the matrix it is breathtaking. but the game looks like they are trying to hard. just start it off at the beging you wake up in the "Real" world and you go throw traning and then you are off the save the world lol maybe just maybe there make a matrix game like GTA and we will all be happy but as for info on the game it plays with data cods you add to your player to make moves they can be traded like playing cards to other players so they can learn the same moves and get weapons in the same way -- You can be a hacker, and a exile (one of the programs) you can fight with the humens or with the system i don't know much more because the info is from a well in one word lier lol

14-01-2005, 17:14
It really seems pointless and boring to me

You summed it up Star breeze hun I couldnt have said it better my self. I felt that way about the movies too!

Gyro Scope
15-01-2005, 00:45
One of my friends who hates MMOs is in it, but can't tell me anything about it...
He was still playing last time I checked, so I assume it's at least interesting. Definitely got nothing on Guild Wars from what I perceived the way he said things.