View Full Version : Adventurers Society [HELP] Recruting

Rudhraighe O'Hagan
29-12-2004, 22:40
The Adventurers Society is a Guild Wars guild, Dedicated to three main Ideals: Knowledge, Honor, and Loyalty.
Knowledge of the Game, Honor in dealing with others, and Loyalty to each other.
Currently Seeking a decent PvP Team.
Guildmaster: Rudhraighe O Hagan
GuildMistress: Brandwynn O Hagan
Out of game contact Locations:

Rudhraighe O'Hagan on http://forums.rpgforums.net/
IRC:irc.wiregrass.com:6666 [] #guildwars
Teamspeak: DosNet TS [] / Adventurers Society Guildwars .

Homepage: http://web.qx.net/geouge/GuildWars/