View Full Version : Talgonadia looking for guild

12-01-2005, 17:58
I just got this game(beta) and have not yet played. When Feb. 4th comes on though i'll play. I have decided to be a Necro(main) and either a monk or somthing else as secondary.

I'm looking for a guild that has players that like to compete and has lots of people to help out.

I have a few questions also i would love to have answered game related.

1)the highest lvl right now is 20..about how long does it take to get a lvl 20??

2)i have DSL but a friend of mine has dial-up. is it really bad?i have read that it wasn't but i would like people who actually used dial-up to tell me.

3)i have like a 1.2processor.. radeon 9000 card.. and like 512ram.. how is the game like?? i played final fantasy 11 fine with these yet WoW(world of warcraft i had problems with i had to turn everything way down)