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16-01-2005, 04:31
On the "Submit a Beta Weekend Screenshot" page if I click any of 3-5 diffferent links on the page, it goes white. I get the white screen that you get when a web page won't open. The "faulty" links are as follows: "x-code" link, "here" for help link, and the "Preview" and "Submit" buttons. All screens that I tried to submit were between 160 and 190kb in jpeg format. My descriptions were ususally 3-8 words or so. I couldn't even preview them either. Anyone KNow anything??? TIA

16-01-2005, 06:35
I am having the same problems, I cant preview it either. I will let the Admin know, but he is busy right now with many other problems, mainly the RPGTraders HTML issues. But, I will see what he can do.