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Maestor Mog
20-01-2005, 17:14
We are from another time...

We are from another land...

We are the Ancients...

We are the Dynasty Warriors.

Our journey to these shores has been an erratic one, we have rallied our troops and have toiled together to triumph over all in our way. Finally as One, we make it to the torrid lands of Guild Wars.

Our pledge is to purge the lands of the menace that stalks the hearts of the innocent. We urge similar warriors of might and magic to join us. We urge you to bathe in the light of our history and to welcome the spirits of the ancients into your soul. To BECOME one of the fabled Dynasty Warriors yourself. To lock shields and fight side by side. To set poison and flame on your arrow tips. To call down the very elements to rid this new land of all that devours its population. To heal and aid all who needs it, and to nurture loyalty, respect and honour that befits our ancient Chinese Warrior caste.

As One, we can share the responsibility and hardships of developing our skills and our crafts.
As One, we can do battle in any chosen Arena, with opposing forces and combative guilds.
As One, we will be victorious, and we will celebrate together as friends and comrades.

You could be from another time...

You could be from another land...

You could be one of the Ancients...

You could be one of the Dynasty Warriors.

Guo Jia
20-01-2005, 17:39
Dynasty Warriors (DW) are more than a Guild or a Clan, they are a Gaming Community, primarily European based, however with every new online multiplayer game that DW venture into, a new crop of players emerge and DW is rapidly becoming a true International Gaming Community. DW originate from the Diablo and Savage scene, but we now have divisions in Unreal Tournament 2004, Sacred and a number of upcoming MMORPG's such as Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. DW was founded as a group of friends who would take on personalities from the Chinese tale of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and indeed the community's name is taken from a series of very popular console games. All members of the community adopt a specific character from the epic legend, and this initiation or 'rite of passage' is very important to our identity.

We have our own gaming server and Teamspeak server for voice communications whilst gaming. We also hang out in our own Internet Relay Chat channel on Quakenet (irc.quakenet.org #DynastyWarriors #DynastyWarriors.GW). We have a very good reputation within the Savage Community, DW being one of the leading groups when it came to organising leagues and knockout events. We have a growing Guild Wars division that has followed the game since the E3 preview event and all subsequent World Previews and Beta Weekends. Expect Dynasty Warriors to play a major part in the Guild Wars Scene in the future.

The DW community runs a web site for information http://www.dynasty-warriors.net and we have a very active (and sometimes very entertaining) set of forums http://www.dynasty-warriors.net/forum. The DW community are held together by friendship, loyalty and respect. If you want to know more or apply to join us, please visit our web site, or our IRC channel and contact us.

Application Form (http://www.dynasty-warriors.net/index.php?module=phatform&PHAT_MAN_OP=View&PHAT_FORM_ID=2&MMN_position=13:12)

Currently members from:
United Kingdom
the Netherlands
United States of America