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20-01-2005, 20:44
I am nearing completion of the Venom Cadava guild website so I thought I'd take a minute to introduce the guild and of course let you check out the website at www.venomcadava.com.

Venom Cadava is currently a Guild Wars guild, though we expect to branch out at some point to other games. The guild is currently co-led by myself and Dyne, (AIM Dyne Elysius MSN dryykx@hotmail.com E-Mail dyne@venomcadava.com), as well as a council of our elite members. Actually the council is currently only one person, but as we expand it will grow as well.

We are a close group of great gamers and we only accept people who we can get along with well. This is probably even more important than being a skilled gamer, as the point is of course having fun :)

We do however require that you can connect to our private teamspeak server (teamspeak://dreadnot.net) and at least be able to listen to others on the server. It is certainly a plus to have a headset or microphone so you can talk yourself but this is not a requirement.

If you have any questions please drop me a line at our forums, chat with me on AIM(gopats42) or MSN(gopats4ever@yahoo.com), or you can email me at czar@venomcadava.com. Thanks for your time :)

Pale Blade
27-01-2005, 15:04
You got a nice webpage there :thumbsup:

What's going to be your speciality....PvP or PvE?? :confused:

27-01-2005, 23:38
double sry

27-01-2005, 23:38
We have some members for each side of things. However, I personally and probably more of the members are focused on PvP.