View Full Version : Seeking Alliance

25-01-2005, 22:29

I am posting this in the hopes to try to establish not only freindly relations with other guilds. But to set up times where we could arrange a duel.

What exactly is it that you mean about an alliance?

Well, the point is this, is that I am looking for like minded guilds to share in the fun of dueling. What I mean is, if you go to Disciplined Aggressions (http://da-guildwars.com) website and read the "Join us" section off the main page. You will understand what we are about, and if you agree with the same rules, well why not be friends?

I am eager to get good and honest feedback on duels in an evironment that is not just about the winning. Yes, winning is everyones goal, but the idea of an alliance is this. To have established "matches"(date and time) with people we can talk to, share ideas with and have a FUN duel without all the win/lose stuff. More like training if that is a better word.

I also think that the alliance could be a good idea by giving guild members a place to go when "your" guild is offline or to websites for more information/feedback.

I would also welcome the idea of mutal site linking as well.

That is really all I can say to explain the idea, if you or your guild is interested please email me and we can discuss this in greater detail.