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Czargio Xio
28-01-2005, 01:33
The NCS Guild wants YOU to join. Ok so thats a little corney I don't care. We are a guild involved in many different games, all the way from UT 2004, to Desert Combat (A mod off of Battlefield 1942, and what will soon be Battlefield 2). We also play RTS games like Battle for Middle Earth, and Rise of Nations:Thrones and Patriots. We play many other games, covering a wide range of styles, of which MMORPG is included. We are all very pumped for the release of GW, and will throw more than our fair share of LAN parties based on it.
We would hope that you would consider this skilled bunch of gamers to be your next alliance, and would seek to gain experiance from our players. We are very centralized, focusing on players first. If you need help, just ask the guild, and one of us will be able to in a moments time.
If anyone would like to join, leave your character name and on the next beta, we will see what we can do about instating you ASAP.