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05-02-2005, 03:07
We have a lot of PvP content that we're working on right now, even given the focus of the upcoming Beta Weekend Event. One of the guild features currently under design and implementation will allow you to choose to attack a Guild Hall or allow you to select from several additional new maps. These new maps will be randomly chosen for you each time you play and each will offer different objectives and will support different styles of gameplay.

Oh my. What do you guys think about this? This is going to be very interesting.

I extracted this from the new Fansite Friday interview (#31) over at Guild Wars Tome. If you havent allready I encourage you to read through the interview and input your thoughts if you wish. It has 2 very interesting illusions into the future of Guild Wars.

Fansite Friday #31 (http://www.guildwarstome.com/fansitefriday)

What do you guys think about the rewards for holding the Hall of Heroes?

I think its a good idea to keep the physical/item rewards to things such as this that do not give a huge benefit to the team. I would like to see it stay in terms of things like dye, crafting materials, and maybe upgrade components that are not extraordinary, just the basic ones like an 'Icy Bowstring' or 'Axe Haft of Adrenal'. I would like to see things like Runes and nice rare weapons left on the PvE side of things, as I think it could lead to a team snowballing power (make sense?).

Another point I feel particulary interested in,

What do you guys feel about or look forward to seeing in the trade system they have under development?

I find this very interesting though I really doubt they are going to implement somethign as an Auction House (in fact Gaile basicaly refutes that). What is said, is that a localized trade system will be developed. That is you will still only trade with people in that district currently (from the way I took it). My guess is (though I have long suspected this would be implemented due to its simplicity) is that a simple Trade tab will be implemented, and the trade text will not show on any of your other chat tabs, and the general chat will not show up on the trade tab. Guild Messages (possibly Chat) and whispers would still show up on the Trade tab. What do you think? I believe this a fairly logical conclusion, and easy to implement. It would keep Trade chat and Social chat seperate, and people trying to Trade would be allowed to trade freely while people just socializing and forming parties will also be able to go about their activities freely. I think after the Trade tab is developed, some special rules should be set up for it. Something that can prevent the spamming of messages.

The other alternative method I can forsee (though do not believe is as likely) is an area of the town being designated with invisible barriers, a 'Trade Center'. Perhaps the Market Place would serve the purpose. Once you cross the invisible barriers the bombardment of trade chat commences, while the rest of the town is kept relatively free. This would also apply to a 'localized' themed trading system.

Any other input about the article, feel free to post it. I found it very interesting, and somewhat more revealing than their typical Fansite Fridays. Infact the last 2 or 3 have been more revealing IMO.

05-02-2005, 04:38
To the bounty of keeping the hall of heroes: I agree that items would be great, but why not add an all bulletin special "Joe Shmoe and Jane Doe and Blahdy Blah Blah are now the champions of the Hall of Heroes" and/or whenever the person was to chat, a little crown (or whatever ArenaNet may please) can show up next to their name, acknowledging that they withhold the Hall of Heroes. A little recognition is mighty fine in my opinion.

To the Trading: At first i thought they would base it on the D2 fasion of trading, having different servers for such and such, like a crafting material server and so on, but i got to thinking about a possible "Trade Mode" whereas the person playing would go into options and such and click "Trade Mode (check)" and such and they would immediately be engulfed on what has been going in the Trading Part of that one server. Personally it'd be great to get rid of the spamming, but the plain old chat would seem boring without it, aside from the beggars, newbays, and my over-the-top weird remarks.