View Full Version : Did avatars get corrupted?

14-02-2005, 06:45
It looks to me like a bunch did, including mine... Or is it a problem on my machine?

14-02-2005, 06:50
yeah, a bunch did. I reloaded mine to the profile, and it looks fine now.

14-02-2005, 06:53
Of course, for some people, the "corrupted" avatar is actually an improvement.

I kind of like them. They're nifty in an abstract art sort of way...

14-02-2005, 07:14
Attention everyone.

If you wish for your avatars to return to their previous glory, you need to reload them. Once you do this, they will be good as new.

Sorry, I meant to post this earlier.

14-02-2005, 19:38
Slightly off-tack here, but has anyone else been getting this message throughout the day for the past few days:
Accessing the forums for the past week (?), it either takes forever and a day in my browser (Firefox 1.0) to search for the URL, but then it gives up; no error message, nada, or I get the 'moving in server' message, as shown above.

Any pointers? I haven't seen any pertinent posts referring to problems either, apart from the server move announcement.

soul seeker
14-02-2005, 20:37
I have problems accessing the forums for last few days, but only after 7PM GMT+1. As you say it either takes forever or simply doesnt work. (using Opera and Firefox latest versions).
Today is even worst. I got this URL wasnt found for couple of hours.

Tarrant Rahl
14-02-2005, 20:37
The issues are caused by, well .. the server being moved in :p. The admin is working hard to get files transfered over and settings all worked out. The server should mark a significant improvement in site and forum performance, but for it to do so, we have to take the time to implement it properly. The forums should be back up on a regular basis soon, please just bear with us while we complete the move.