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26-02-2005, 03:07
Knights Hospitalis is recruiting players interested in all dimensions of the Guild Wars experience. We are a non-role playing guild devoted to PvE adventuring as well as PvP. Another facet of the Knights Hospitalis is our goal of improving the Guild Wars world through assistance to all those who need it. This includes helping beginning and experienced players with their understanding and enjoyment of the game. That said, we require a certain level of competence in Guild members to maintain the good name of the Knights Hospitalis and will never just give free hand-outs. If you wish to join the Knights Hospitalis to have a great time and make Tyria the best it can be, email us at Hospitalis@hotmail.com. Our Guild Leader and Officers are Diocedos Praetorias, Adramelk Manacannon, Synthia Swiftblade and Quee Queg. We hope to see you next BWE!