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04-03-2005, 01:42
Here is a little backround on RIP, we are in The Matrix Online. We have over 200 active members, our own website and own ventrilo server. RIP is currently the best clan in The matrix online, I plan on making Us just as good in GW. (We are so good IGN did a article on us) Some members from the matrix are gonna come to guild wars. (I am the only member leaving the matrix to play GW, so i can dedicate my time to this Game)

EDIT BY CHANTAL: Linking to other sites is a bannable offense.

I plan on getting TS or Ventrilo for us in GW, the Matrix 200 vent server is always full. If you like to roleplay, thats cool with me. I have fraps so we can make a clan video and try to get it up in the main site. Im also very big with PvP, this is one of the main reasons im buying this game.

So if this sounds like a clan that you would like to join, fill out this application and send it to me through e-mail.

Character Name -
AIM Name -
YIM Name -
MSN Name -
ICQ # -
Email address -
Age -
Gender -
Occupation(students count too) -
Hours available to dedicate your time to RIP a week -
Previous MMO games -
Favorite games -
Years as a gamer -
Current games -

how do u rate yourself as a gamer (check all that apply)-
A. Hardcore Gamer
B. Mature Gamer
C. Just want to have fun Gamer
D. New to the whole Gamer idea
E. Evolved Gamer(meaning over 15 years of gaming)
F. Dedicated and Active Gamer

Give us a little background information on who you are and where your from and family if ties into games at all. just a little brief description of yourself outside of the previous questions.

My E-Mail: livin2die2004@aol.com

06-03-2005, 23:25
Here is a link to our forums


Please fill out a registration
Note: You must join the forum to register.

The link will take you right to the recruitment page

Please feel free to ask any questions on the site or email them to Infect.

08-03-2005, 20:50
Sorry about that i did not know Linking to other sites is a bannable offense.

Chantal Dubois
09-03-2005, 14:40
Sorry about that i did not know Linking to other sites is a bannable offense.

Apology accepted, thank you! :D Linking to your guild forums for recruitment process is fine, however.