View Full Version : Playing GW after a system rebuild

05-03-2005, 23:17
I have this Windows 2000 install that is due for a reformat. It has one harddrive with two partitions. C: is for Windows, and I try to keep installed programs on D:. I am only going to reformat C:! GW and it's ~600MB data file is currently installed on D:, I was wondering if anyone has any experience playing GW without any of it's registry settings.

D2 ran fine from the D: partition after C: had been wiped, the only problem with it asked me to install Diablo 2 before installing the expansion every time I put the LoD disc in to play. But click on the shortcut to Game.exe and everything was fine. Will GW work the same way?

If not, is it possible to copy that 600MB file, and dump it back into a fresh GW install? Has anyone done this? Any problems?

~Kazama Fury~
05-03-2005, 23:27
I would think replacing the dat file would be suffice if you encounter a register problem.

06-03-2005, 01:15
You may look into exporting registry keys into a file then reimporting it back after the rebuild.

06-03-2005, 03:53
Copy the dat file over then format. After the format, download the 600k installer and install GW. Log into GW and let the first load of dl's to come down. Then copy the dat file back over.

06-03-2005, 13:41
If you connect to GW you will downlaod all necessary files into the new installation and you'll get the area files when you are in-game. I wouldn't worry too much about it all.

07-03-2005, 10:41
Well here is the answer to my question.

I wiped the C: partition, but Guild Wars runs happily from the D: partition without any registry support. First time I ran it it asked for an installed directory, which I supplied (D:/Program Files/Guild Wars), but now it looks like everything is normal!