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09-03-2005, 20:58

I need to buy the preorder of GW online.. my question is, once i purchase it, will they send me a preorder package or send me the game once its out?

J snukka
09-03-2005, 22:05
when u order the preorder package at the store they give you a package with stuff in it. The whole preorder is so ur guranteed the game when you go back to buy it on the release date

09-03-2005, 23:20
I was going to order from EBGames.com, their policy (and I imagine it's about the same for everyone else) is to send you the preorder package immediately *if they have them in stock* and send the full game when it comes out... I called their main office to find out if they had them in stock, but they couldn't tell me if they had anymore, or if/when they would get more... I decided not to risk it and called every EB within driving distance till I found one...

Originally Posted by TBMarauder
www.importmadness.co.uk/ thre aint a country on the planet the won't send it to. Try them. They send you a BETA Key and a One-Use-Only 'Friends Pass' immediately on payment, then send you the Pre-Order box 10-12 days later.

Hope that helps.