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14-03-2005, 15:55
Greetings! We are glad you have taken the time to look into Lux Aeterna. I hope you'll find us friendly, good-natured people, dedicated to our goals and, of course, having fun.

Lux Aeterna is a Guild Wars guild. In Latin, Lux Aeterna means "Eternal Light." Lux Aeterna is an offshoot of the Christian gaming organization Redeemed (www.christiangaming.org). While a large number of our current players are Christians, we are not limited to only Christians. We are not hiding our Christian background from anyone, but we encourage all people to join, and ensure you that nobody will force their religion on anyone else. Acting holier-than-thou is not our purpose, and it simply will not happen.

In-game, we will participate frequently in both PvP and PvE. We strongly encourage our members to work together as much as possible, both to build guild unity and fellowship, and to learn to work well as a team. We're very guild-oriented; helping out other members should be higher on everyone's priority list than helping out themselves.

Our main goals are firstly, creating a strong sense of teamwork and trust, and building lasting friendships among members. Secondly, we wish to be a strong guild in Guild Wars, in the top tier of PvP and PvE ability.

If you are interested in our Guild, hop by our forum at http://www.christiangaming.org/lux/board/index.php. Be sure to post in our Recruitment area! We hope to see you there in the near future.

Lux Aeterna Recruitment