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14-03-2005, 22:19
Order of the Fox

A community driven guild, with a focus on all aspects of Guild Wars, not just Player vs player or Player vs Environment, but with the aim of building a community within the guild wars world. The Order of the Fox, is a Strong competing Guild within The Guild vs Guild battles, but also insuring espectable decent teams to explore and battle the world of Guild Wars with. We accept members of all professions and styles of play, as we are a growing guild. We value the ideas and input of all guild members equally and encourage their involvement in guild discussions, whether itís happening in our forums, the shout box, or our irc channel.

The Order of the Fox is split up in to two ruling councils "The Order of the Grey Fox" and "The Order Of the Dark FoxĒ. The responsibilities of The Order of the Grey Fox are to explore the world of Guild Wars, gather materials that will be used to strengthen the guild as a whole, negotiate trades, manage the inventory of all the items, as well as provide a strong basis for the more sociable, and casual members. One of the more important responsibilities that The Order of the Grey Fox has is providing materials to upgrade the members of The Order of the Dark Fox, since they will be focusing on PvP and GvG (which will be elaborated on later). The Order of the Grey Fox is currently undertaking the task of mapping the world of Guild Wars, as well as providing specific information on specific areas such as how to get to out posts, and providing a strong group of members to help with competing missions.

The responsibilities of The Order of the Dark Fox are to work together to create a top notch team to compete in Player vs player combat and Guild vs Guild battles in order to bring honor to the whole guild. Members of The Order of the Dark Fox, is made up of members who are be able to work well together, act as a team, and are able to follow orders given by a team leader, bringing defeat to those who appose us in Guild Vs Guild battles as well as defend our Honor.
The Order of the Dark Fox requires team work from its members, as well as some dedication (since we are an international guild, and have members from most time zones) to up hold the honor of our guild. Tactics, plans, strategies are always listened to as each member is valued withing the Order, so
regardless of your style of play, you will always be rewarded within the guild.

Conditions for joining:

*Be a team player; able to follow as well as lead.

*Be somewhat active in guild discussions (forum activity is highly valued, but not required just as long as you stay in contact so we know your alive).

*Having a iq over 3, Smile as a habit we don't accept morons, or trouble makers as we are a friendly guild with respect for our members.

*Contribute to the guild; whether it be battling, exploring, helping with site development, guild maintenance, any aspect you feel you can help with.

*JUST HAVE FUN ! ! ! We are not a guild full of annoying power gamers, we are a community of members who like to have fun and enjoying the game.
(But this doesnít mean that we donít what to be one of the best guilds there is ;) )

If you are Interested in joining Please sign up @
The Order Of The Fox(http://cgi.bodgalot.plus.com/TheOrder/Forum/index.php)And post a message
in the Training Hall telling us who you are, and saying hello.

The website is still underdevelopment, so watch this space. (we also have a ts
server running 24/7 ready during the beta weekends, and an irc channel which is
always open)

If you have any questions just send a message to:
Sfox@bodgalot.plus.com Guild Leader and Leader of The order of the Grey Fox
guardianangelmp@gmail.com Co-Leader of The Order of the Grey Fox

Thanks for taking time to read this, hope to see you in the next beta.

Guardian Angel MP

05-04-2005, 02:18
We currently have 37 members, four of which have joined since the last beta.

We have a good number of explores, but are in need of more members who want to play PvP. (We'll still accept people who don't want to PvP :D )

We have many more openings left and are still looking for individuals who want to have fun and are some what laided back.

Guardian Angel MP

Co-leader of The Order of the Grey Fox

Subgroup of The Order of the Fox

19-04-2005, 14:50
Well the final beta is over and The Order of the Fox is still going strong. We have registered one more member over the beta, so the total is now 38, and have more joining soon.

Our guild is expanding with the coming of great players and we would like to see everyone who wants to be in a guild that is competitive, fun loving, social, personal, and supporting to come to our forum and check us out. Everyone is also more than welcome to message me in game if they wish to group up with some of the guild members to see what we're like.

I'd also like to mention that we have just added a shoutcast radio station to the list of guild resources, so now you can listen to the DJ skills of other guild members.

I hope to see everyone in game on the 27th,

Guardian Angel MP

The Order of the Fox

24-04-2005, 19:15
The release is not far away and we will need some people who are interested in PvP and GvG for our guild and prefer a somewhat laid back guild atmosphere. If this sounds like you please check out our forum at http://cgi.bodgalot.plus.com/TheOrder/Forum/index.php

The server went down just before the last beta so we are trying to recover everything that was lost and get the forum working right again. We are currently working on a web page and will have it up soon after the beta (anyone that has web page experience would be very welcome in our guild).

We are still accepting new members who prefer PvE, we are just in need of more PvP and GvG players.

Guardian Angel MP

The Order of the Fox

08-08-2005, 18:36
Hi :howdy: is this guild still active? I really like what I have read here about you in this tread. I like the dark fox and grey fox idea and think that is perfect for me cause I like to pvp and don't find too much time to do the pve side of things. If you guys are still active please let me know I would like to try you guys out.