View Full Version : And Now The Imitators Begin

Zypher Wynn
17-03-2005, 03:58
I always knew that the way that ArenaNet created Guild Wars would change the MMO gaming world. I saw this effect already when one game dropped it's monthly fee for players. Now another game that is in developement has some features which reminds me a bit like Guild Wars.

A game that just announced it's development called Tactica will feature a simular game play style with the areas you enter outside of towns. Like in Guild Wars, this game will also feature areas that require you to enter with others or you can not go into them. Also they plan to take the leveling issue which Guild Wars addressed on step further by removing them all together.

Then the PvP system they are proposing to have will be "tactics" based which is just another way of saying skill based. Which amazingly enough requires you to use skills to preform certain tactics. A lot like Guild Wars PvP.

The announced plans for this game just goes to show that the world of Multiplayer Online Games is changing and ArenaNet is leading the way.