View Full Version : I am getting sick!!!

18-03-2005, 22:48
Is anyone else getting sick of these people: "Does anyone have a friends pass that i can use so i can play it because i really want to play and it would be nice if i could play" ?? Its really making me mad. God knows they're gonna want to play next month too, so they're gonna do it again next month. If you want to play, go to your nearest Video Game store and preorder the dang thing, its like 5 bucks. If you cant afford that, then its not worth playing it for only one weekend becuase you are gonna get hooked anyway. I just hope im not the only one who is mad.

19-03-2005, 04:44
Some of these people don't have access to the "nearest Video Game Store" for whatever reason. And I certainly wouldn't be able to afford shipping on top of the price of the full game. Fortunately, Best Buy is ten minutes from my place, so I've got my preorder.