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22-03-2005, 22:28
This review (http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/setview/features/gameID/82/loadFeature/63/page/1/from/) by mmorpg.com was a posted link on the gwonline front page, written by Reed Hubbard. Now usually I would not care, but this kind of review annoys me very much. As well I do not mind that it is unobjective, and biased, that is simply a feature attributed to the authors lack of experiance and that I can accept.

some of the weakness of the game design are exposed. Certain types of characters are much better suited for the PvP arena, such as warrior/monks (arguably the strongest PvP hybrid). Mesmers and necros are at a distinct disadvantage.

What i do mind is the author's way of not being only unobjective and biased and sometimes ranting without giving good examples but failing to recognize when he does this, stating his opinion as supreme, this statement particular i would say anoyed me:

So, to that girl who wouldn’t heal me, I’ll forgive you for letting me die four times if you’ll forgive me for dumping your team in mid-mission to find a better one. Really, sweetheart, choose another profession!

This is most certainly not reviewing a game, and its not coverage either.

Like i said i do not mind an unobjective reveiw that communicates the author's feelings, but this is in no way helpful to people that would read the review. Sounds more like a rant to me, not to mention the impolite conduct of
leaving a party mid mission.

23-03-2005, 04:38
The lines about the w/mo, necros and mesmers discredit the whole "review" for me. I have a hunch that healer girl was just being nice by not thanking him when he left :D

23-03-2005, 04:43
lol, no i can forgive that, if your are playing GW for the first time chances are you do find mesmers dissapointing (i played a W/Me for my first charecter to, but i did not like the low energy warrior part not the mesmer part).

As for the statement in general i never go into tombs without a mesmer and necromancer in the party EVER.