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26-03-2005, 18:19
Greetings folks!

I wanted to stop by here and let anyone looking for a place to call home in
Guildwars know that our new guild, Imperial Fist, is open for recruitment.

The guild is founded by a husband and wife team whom just recently split off
from their original guild with a few ideals in mind.

We're looking to stay a smallish and close-knit type guild ( around 15 or so people ). Our guild is meant for players whom enjoy all aspects of GuildWars,
whether it be PvP, GvG, questing or missions. We're promoting an adult
atmosphere where folks can casually enjoy the game with a group of like-minded companions. Casual not being meant in a way that promotes lack of;
team work, good conduct or basic participation.

And yes, we will be actively working on a GvG team.

That being said, currently we have 5 members with some joining us upon release. These folks are people we know from other games or are RL friends.
We are also allies with our old guild , Dragon Assassins ( previously top 15 on the ladder for 3 BWE's ), and encourage our members to be involved with other's in the Guildwars community.

If we sound like a guild that might be for you, please visit our home page for more information or to ask any questions you may have.

Imperial Fist Home (Imperialfist.guildportal.com)

Thank you for your time!

Ferelle Anevay
Kaydienne Anevay
Sheah Anevay
Admin/Co-Founder of Imperial Fist (Imperialfist.guildportal.com)