View Full Version : Kami Hunters

29-03-2005, 01:16
This guild was formed by a group of friends and officially registered as guild last March BWE.

The guild will mainly focus on missions in helping eachother in acquiring and locating certain skills. As we level up, we will then separate the guild into two groups; the officials and the trainee. Obviously, the trainees will be those yet to get their skills and the officials will be responsible on helping them out. Also the officials will be the one securing the GuildHall, in case of GvG, but trainees can also participate. PvP will be optional and voluntary.

You can always communicate with eachother in the guild's website at http://kamihunters.net. This website was just created last February BWE and we are still looking for members that will help develop this site.

"Pay it forward", this mean we are willing to help you if you are also willing to help yourself and the others. But we will not kick you just fo being inactive, it's just that you can never become an official if you do. It will really be your loss.

All you need to do is register in the website, provide your GW character's name and we will invite you on the next oppurtunity in game.

The guild is not yet officially organized but once we have enough members to help in running things, we can then set out some plans.

So don't wait now, visit the site and register, and let me know if you are willing to help develop the site. I wish you well and good fortune.