View Full Version : ~ German speaking guild looking for adult players (Ancient Forces - AF) ~

30-03-2005, 01:24
Since there are few days left until guildwars will go gold and we are still missing some members to reach our desired membercount (14-16),
we decided to open recruitment to get some fresh blood within our ranks.

So first of all I'd like to introduce us a little:

We are a group of currently 8 players (+1 at release), average age 25+. The roots of Ancient Forces' core members lie at the first person shooter tribes,
but some might also remember the guild name of DAoC or meanwhile WoW. Those members who teamed up later for guildwars basically come from the german quake1/quake3 community.
As a result every member can view back upon a gaming history of more than 7 years by now, which shall be continued - for the next months, maybe years
guildwars will be the game keeping us occupied in front of our screens. Of course those countless hours of gaming gifted us with quite some experience
- as we spent loads of time playing various mmorpgs (daoc, lineage, eq to name a few) this isn't only the case for the 3dshooter genre.

Let's head back to the gist of the matter here - we might sound a little picky when it comes to requirements, but we believe it is the only way to maintain
a nice atmosphere while gaming and keep the quality of the players high in our guild:

To apply to AF you should meet the following demands:

- Language: German

- Mimimum age: 20

- Working teamspeak 2 voice communiation

- mmorpg experience (of several years preferred)

- an average daily online time of 3+ hours at least ingame

- IRC (server: de.quakenet.org , #lions.arch)

- You should be able to behave in public, we aren't keen on a bad reputation or on being flamed.

- You should be interested in pvp and have a high teamability. That includes to be willing to create and play at least one character-class fitting into a team strategy
(at pvp). Of course we won't force anyone to play a specific character, there will be different character-builds to choose from; those will be discussed before by all
members. That might still sound harsh but the game guildwars itself enforces teamplay a lot and we don't plan on loosing battles too frequently ;-). I'm sure we can
work a way out everyone has a fitting role and fun playing his/her teambuilt-pvp-character.

If you think you've got what it takes and if you're looking for some players to team up and have fun with be sure to give it a try and contact us on irc please.

server: de.quakenet.org , #lions.arch

Thanks in advance, looking forward to meeting you there and having a talk.