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01-04-2005, 07:41
Tagma de Skia
Hi there! TdeS is currently recruiting, and we're looking for dedicated members to increase our numbers. Read over the following to see if you feel we might be the right guild for you:


Tagma has been established for the past two Beta Events (a few of the members have been playing from the WPE). The past events for us have been mainly for organizational purpose, and fun, but now we plan to become a more serious guild, while creating an awesome community. Our website is in construction, but we have put up forums to take care of things in the mean time.

What we are looking for:

Whether you are interested in strictly GvG, or more of the role playing elements of Guild Wars, we can accommodate everyone's needs. We are looking for members that will be active, dedicated, and people who want to have a great time with Guild Wars in general. We have a few rules in the guild, and require that all members abide by them. You can view the rules Here (http://www.tagmadeskia.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=15) . Also as a note, we use TeamSpeak as our primary communications device. Even if you don't have/understand the program, we can get you setup with it in no time.


If you want to apply, you have a few options.

*First, you can head on over to our recruitment forums right Here (http://www.tagmadeskia.com/phpbb2/viewforum.php?f=9) and follow the posted instructions.

*Or, you can reply to this post with basic contact info(name, age, instant messaging names, etc), whether you like GvG or PvE more, and any other information/qualifications you want us to see. Then we will contact and get you setup with the guild from there.

So, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.