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01-04-2005, 16:35
War of Empires is a fun little game to waste time on. :)

Its no GWs, but it is slightly addicting.

War of Empires Sign Up (http://www.warofempires.com/createArmy.jsp?id=152)

All free of course. :D

Hint: Make use of the help button up top when you are first starting...it's actually useful. Peasents are per day, while resources are per 10 minutes--so be careful when choosing professions for the workers.

about: It's a medieval game based on real time. Every 10 minutes is a "turn" where you get money and an extra spy/attack turn that you can use. You pretty much try to get troops, money, spy on, and rob other people. It is similar to a game called Planetarion I used to play but it is not quite as deep. I'm still giving it a go anyway though because it's pretty fun. Bobangry's my name in the game too. Let's kill us some non-guildwaries!

Lord Gargoyle
01-04-2005, 17:16
such games are too time consuming for me. ;)

03-04-2005, 19:55
there are also other games like
www.outwar.com (second server)