View Full Version : question bout upcoming BWE

09-04-2005, 02:01
hey all, i have a question bout the BWE coming up on the 15th or April.. someone from this forum says they'll give me a buddy key to get on. my question is that say i sign in onthe 15th, can i stay on till its over if i dont log off?(like stay up for all 3 days, hehehe) or is there a time limit on the key?

Zypher Wynn
09-04-2005, 02:26
The friend acess key is good for the entire weekend so you do not need to leave the client open all weekend long. You will need to log out anytime there is a new build introduced over the course of the weekend to get large updates. The server will go up around 12:01 AM Pacific on April 15th(barring no last minute delays).

09-04-2005, 02:34
? really? someone in a nother thread said that there friend wasted the buddy key when he logged in, played for 5min and logged out. now i dont know if he ment that it was a waste because his friend only wanted to play for 5 min, or if it was a waste because after he logged off that the key was void. but you seem to know what your talking about so ill take your word for it.

09-04-2005, 03:03
Don't worry about it, if it's a genuine friend's pass you can sign on and off of guild wars the whole weekend as many times as you want ;) .

09-04-2005, 07:23
yep and you can enter the key now also then the next time you try to login it just says everything is prepared but there is no current event running until april 15th