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Hadus Hawthorne
10-04-2005, 02:40
......climbing to the top of a familar hill while listening to the words of the song that he had just heard in the bar belonging to an old friend, and drunk to the point of risking death should he be attacked, Hadus made his way slowly and cautiously up the slope where he last watched his father leave for battle so many years ago......

Theres a port on a western bay
And it serves a hundred ships a day
Lonely sailors pass the time a way
And talk about their homes
Theres a girl in this harbor town
And she works laying whiskey down
They say Brandy, fetch another round
She serves them whisky and wine
The sailors say...
"Brandy, you're a fine girl .....
What a good wife you would be....
Your eyes could steal a sailor from the sea"
Brandy wears a braided chain
Made of finest silver from the north of spain
A locket that bears the name of the man that Brandy loves
He came on a summers day - bearing gifts - from far away
But he made it clear he couldn't stay
The harbor was his home ...............

......the happy thoughts that filled his head faded as the words rang clearer in his head. Through the words a message of love, loss, hope, friends and future welled up inside him. He turned to look back on the path he had taken....The valley was no longer visible, the moon lit the hills beyond and a faint glow from the fires in back in town still shown on the horizon. Squinting into the darkness and attempting to sharpen his ears through the warm nights breeze, Hadus heard only emptiness.....almost as if the world he grew up in had finally take a rest from the torture it was putting itself through. No ghouls that had taken his fathers life, no fluttering of griffons which had come to fear him, not even a bear or wolf could be heard from this hilltop.
Now down in a crouch so as to rest the legs that had brought him here....Hadus allowed the warm air to move his hair as he closed his eyes and found his thoughts move from song and images of the night ....to....family, friends and what it all meant. His thoughts drifted back a year.....
Almost talking outloud so as to help sort things in the haze created by the Stout Mead...Hadus began to recall....
"First Dad....then Hadusa's kidnapping...if it weren't for Glenic I don't know what would have become of me!! Our band of friends (Moonlight Alliance) seemed to dissolve in the thin air and beasts of these lands have only become more powerful."
Recounting the day he and Glenic ran into his old friends the Diamonds, and the odd couple of Crewll and Dunghil....a smile crept onto his face momentarily.
I had joined them and found new purpose. They showed me great trust and believe, built my confidence back and outfitted me with worthy protection. They became great friends <smiling once again> and we defended our homes with great fury!! Fighting side by side almost as though each was wielding the weapon of the other. Defeating great evils with the band of scrappy fighters they lead known simply as "The Void". I had seen Crewll and Dunghil marry, Glenic and I become leaders within their ranks, Dragons fall, wars turned into alliances and all the members gain knowledge and strength. I had even wed for a short time....<chuckle>
Why then do I find myself here....alone? To search again for my sister? Was the leading of such an aggressive group of fighters not my calling? Do I still hear the call to avenge my fathers death?......... What is it about me that draws me to the wilds as a solo hunter? A need to move silently without restraint....a quiet fighter with a clear head........<sigh>....perhaps my father left me with more than I had thought.

Hadus grew quiet...thinking on his own words......wondering if there were answers........