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12-04-2005, 13:12
in this thread i will make announcement and project updates. at the moment i dont have time to really post anything as im about to have to run to class but later this afternoon ill be posting and outline of what i plan to do.

13-04-2005, 00:25
ok im finaly at home and can post this. here's what i got planned for the map. im going to try and make an arena based map that can accuratly simulate PvP combat in guild wars. i think this would be a great way to test builds and a great way to get people interested in the real game. here's a small outline of what i plan to do

Beta 1 release

1)make a system that can handle all skill effects
2)select a few premades to through into game so testing can be done

Beta 2 release

3) fix bugs found in beta 1
4) add the rest of the skills to map
5) allow for custom characters

Beta 3 release

6) fix bugs found in beta 2
7) add items to game
8) add item crafting to game

final release

9) fix bugs found in beta 3
10) add extra content based on fan comments and suggestions

also i have a list of things i need help with for those who are savy with the warcraft 3 TFT map editor

1) i can figure out a way of handling enchants, hexes, and conditions. so that lets say remove hex removes a hex and not a enchantment or condition

2) for the life of me i cant think of a way to hand regen/degen arrows for hp and energy

Ander Moonshadow
13-04-2005, 00:59
for some reason i seem to recall this exact same thread like, half a year ago.

13-04-2005, 01:39
ya i heard someone was working on the same thing but droped off the face of the earth so here i am

Ander Moonshadow
13-04-2005, 09:07
To rescue us from non WC3FT2GW port!

14-04-2005, 09:39
2) for the life of me i cant think of a way to hand regen/degen arrows for hp and energy
You'd probbaly have to look at scripting for that.

Its been over a year since I last played about with the war3 map editor, but a few effects come to mind that you could probably utilise.

Healing/mana regen shrines (whatever they are called). They do an AOE effect for healing/mana regeneration - ussually by a % I believe.

You could do base mana regen easily by having one of those shrines with a huge AOE effect radius (cover the whole arena). The rest of the regen would be better off by making a starting item with the mana regen property on it (or a skill that does it - ie: mages aura). Or you could do that anyways.

I wouldn't worry about life regen personally. Arena games tend to be more chaotic and fast so you won't really be able to sit still to heal up (just like a GW arena match actually hehe). Just throw in a couple of health regen shrines.