View Full Version : -=EW=- recruits!

14-04-2005, 22:32
First off u can locate our guild site at www.electronic-warfare.tk Our guild/clan has been around for over a year playing different games like freelancer, starcraft and now we have moved to GW (because its the best). So lots of us know each other and like to play with each other.

We are recruiting for our guild and would like any1. We don't mind how old u are or if ur new to guild wars or whatever just that you like to have fun and like to play with other people.

Our team right now is great, our admin has lots of skills in web design and graphic design. we have a great admin team that likes to help people out and have fun, we are sometimes serious but mostly like to have fun. Check us out here (www.eletronic-warfare.tk)

Whats makes our special and better than other guilds is that we have fun with each other and have good teamwork

contact me by email (alex_mcd89@hotmail.com) or PM