View Full Version : The Fire Warriors are recruiting!!!

23-04-2005, 03:46
We are recruiting new people. Plz visit our site @ www.thefireden.gwunderground.com . Also feel free to post in our boards. We welcome small guilds to our forums(not to recruit but to chat).

Mebwar Rosewood of The Fire Warriors

16-05-2005, 14:19
The Fire Warriors are still recruiting. We have a great crew so far. We are all very close friends now. We use vent. We are always grouping with each other. We are still a small guild but our goal is not to be a large guild but just big enough to stay competative. We are recruiting quality over quantity. If you are interested plz whisper Mebwar Rosewood,Galient Rosewood, or Vampire Raduu. Thank you