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30-04-2005, 06:09
Hey, i just startid pvping as recently int he Shiverpeak Arena, and i love it(has hooked me on the game" but i realized my fire AoE spells arent as great in pvp for i have hoped im a Ranger/Elementalist and i was considering taking my points of Fire and investing them in lightning skills, do you think this woudl be wise for pvp? since its alot of single strike targeting things that tehy cant outrun? if not give me anymroe tips on pvp ^^

30-04-2005, 08:20
Elementalist skils generally need a decent amount of investment before you see real action (10+ i'd say). Fire and Air is really a heated debate as to what the "best" element is. Air is generally cheaper, and as a ranger primary, you wont have the energy for many casts or the casting of expensive spells. Skills like Lightning Strike would be a good finisher for like a fleeing target, but have you considered the Water line?

As a fellow Ranger, I know a big problem is fleeing enemies and them strafing your arrows as you try and get that last shot in. Ice Spikes or Shard Storm could be a nice addition as a finisher and/or snare. Ice Spikes may be getting on the expensive side, and is 5 more than Shard Storm because of the AoE really. Water Trident as an elite could also work very well for you.

Now, if its not just a snare you want (say you are using Pin Down anyway with a decent Expertise), then yeah, some lightning attacks like Lightning Strike and Enervating Charge could be the best option. Just remember not to go overboard on magic skills, because you wont have the energy for it.