View Full Version : Fue squares and Iron Ingots

30-04-2005, 19:54
Sorry if this is another repost but can anyone tell me where to get Fur Squares and Iron Ingots?

01-05-2005, 00:08
Hi there DRH,

I don't know about fur sqrs, but in Pre Searing Ascalon...

Salvaging worn belts = a leather sqr<I think that's what it's called>
Salvaging weapons = iron ingots, wood planks and other stuff, dependant upon the weapon salvaged.

Being a solo player I sell everything up until LvL 4, then I salvage nearly everything. A lot of the Pre Searing salvage is worth keeping until after the academy. Then you can store it in a vault<50Gold> when you get to Post Searing Ascalon and use it to upgrade your armour through an NPC crafter.