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pyro vision
30-04-2005, 20:26
This is my first day playing guild wars, and id like to have some basic Info, on the game especially the items, and Crafting items and such.
DOes anyone have a good walkthrough link or anything?

My first char is an elementalist/monk.

Should i equal out my attribute points into the different elamnetalist damages? Or should i stick with one. I am level 6, and so far i have put most of my points into fire, and a couple in Energy storage, and one in smiting.

So is the best way to go to just choose what kind of build you want for your character, and go down that route, or just branch out?

sorry, i just stopped playing diablo and its a bit of a change.


30-04-2005, 21:11
A few very important words.





Google and thou shalt find.

30-04-2005, 23:34
Greets pyro,
You're not alone wanting skills info m8, as it's probably the only complex part of the game.

Aside from REIs above post for the guide, which is probably available from a link on the GWO home page too, go to the stratergy forums section on your primary class, Elementalist, and ask for help there.

There are very knowledgeable and helpful people here who are willing to give you an ear and advice.
Skills selection is a very 'HOT' topic... so be prepared for conflicting replies as everything is 'almost' a personal point of view.

Black Widow
01-05-2005, 12:48
That was probably the most entertaining and usefull guides ive had the pleasure of reading. ty for the Google search tip off.

01-05-2005, 13:01
When it comes to skill selection, I'd always advise you to think of the role you want to be as your profession, and get skills that benefit that. This way, you'll play something that you'll enjoy and pick up quickly.

For Attribute lines, going into more than 4 is too generalised and you won't be able to do enough in each one to be worthwhile. 3 is a good number to use I find.

The best thing for you to do now is decide on the role you want, download a Character Builder (several available from the GWO site) and build something that you'd like to play, feel is unique and is useful in game. You can then post it in the specific Primary Profession section and ask for input/advice on your character.

Mesmerata Joy
22-05-2008, 01:17
Thank you very much for the tips here,

22-05-2008, 03:46

That link is the main source of info I use, there are new user links on in the upper right box.

22-05-2008, 16:24
The best thing for you to do now is decide on the role you want, download a Character Builder (several available from the GWO site) and build something that you'd like to play, feel is unique and is useful in game.

A different approach would be to take advantage of the flexibility GW offers in terms of changing attribute point distributions and skill selections... Just play the game, do the quests and missions and gather skills. As you acquire new skills, try them out and see which ones you like/dislike, which ones work better against certain foes, which ones work well in synergy... these are things that you won't know initially and looking at template builds posted online may limit you in how you approach and play the game. I think the game does a good job at giving you new skills through quests at a decent rate so that you are not overwhelmed with too many to choose from and gives you time to really understand how they can work best. You don't have to select a single 'role' for you character as implied above. You can play many roles depending on the situation since you can swap your skills and attribute points at any time. There's no need to 'design' you character in advance and doing so may limit your enjoyment of what GW has to offer IMO.

22-05-2008, 17:04
I'm pretty sure that at the time of Rei Onryou's post, there were still refund points. That is, in order to change your attribute points around, you needed to earn refund points which come from experience. In that case, knowing what build you want would make things a bit easier.