View Full Version : The Lords Of Blood are recruiting!

01-05-2005, 13:50
Hello great Heroes!

The Lords of Blood was in both Alpha Previews as also in all Beta weekends!

We have a good roster with active members (around 20) for now as also many new applications.

If you are looking for a Guild with good Tactics, Fun Members and Good Teammates, then you should join us right away!

Our Gaming Style is equal PvE and PvP and we are located on the US Server.

We are a international Guild and are looking forward to have members from all timezones as long as they are friendly, showing respect to each other and are there for the team!

We have a very functional site which contents Forums, Chat, Lists, Bank System and much more for our members as also for visitors so feel free to check it out here: LOB Site (http://clik.to/lob)

We give you also the opportunity to team up with us for testing purposes before you decide to join us to!

In case that you want to check us out in game or join us just send me a mail at: fm95master@hotmail.com

You can also register in our Forums which can be found on our site!
They are accessable for LOB Members as also for anyone else (some sections for members only and not visible to visitors).

Thanks for reading this!
If you want to check me ingame my mains name is:
Dumeka Shoren (Necro/Mesmer) and my alts have the names: Raekon Shoren, Sheila Shoren and Odatu Shoren.

05-07-2005, 21:45
We are still looking for new, active members. Our guild plays a mix of PvP and PvE. Come to our website and check us out!