View Full Version : How do I get to Barradin Estate in pre-searing?

01-05-2005, 17:00
I have tried to look for an entrance by going west from the small tents town, but I keep ending up in ice mountains. Help wanted and appreciated.

01-05-2005, 23:57
Ok this is simple go to ascalon city go out exit make a left when u load go straight when u get to Green Hills County where Warmaster Grast is keep going north u should find i hope this helps

02-05-2005, 07:17
There are two ways to get to Barradins.

1/ From your 'town' description you are in Foibles Fair so...

Exit Foibles and go left, down the hill, then turn left at the bottom of the hill. Follow the road around to the left. It's bear country there so be warned.
Follow the hills on your right.
You will pass a small lake with a turn off to 'The Catacombs", that's about half way to where you want to go.
On further and when you see 'Orion Elek' a little off to the right, turn right there and go through the portal.
Once through this portal you are in relatively 'safe' country, as you wont be attacked unless you initiate it...
Turn right and follow the hill line on your left, it will come out into an open field area.
Go up to the high hills off to your right and look for a tower in front of a hill, Barradins is a little way further on behind that hill.

2/ I don't go this way...I find bears easier to deal with than the Grawl in this area. So...

Turn right when leaving Ascalon and follow the road up the hill. It will turn left just past the North Wall gate, and take you to Green Hills County.
Once through the portal in front of the statue of Balthasar, follow the road.
Which way it goes from there I don't know, so you are on your own m8.