View Full Version : Missing chest armor for necromancer in the beginning..

01-05-2005, 21:31
Greetings everyone, this is my first thread/post in these forums and i'm very excited about Guildwars, it's been really promising this far. :thumbsup: :howdy:
My question is that at the beginning where you can find a bit better armor pieces from different collectors, i'm having difficulties finding the one who makes chestpiece for necromancers...So if anyone knows where to find it, i would appreciate it. And to add to that can you find a better scar pattern too?
After testing different skills with the necro ones, i decided to choose mesmer as my second prof, but now i'm not that sure that i made a good decision..the mesmer skills just don't seem that good, not so many usefull ones...Maybe it's just the start and it will turn out to be good later on? So give me oppinions/suggestions/tips about the necro/mesmer combination. Thanks for all replies in advance, hope to see you guys in game too! :happy34:

02-05-2005, 11:18
Unfortunately, it doesn't exist. Collector Findley used to (back in beta) have it but since then it's been removed. Don't worry about it too much, collect some leather and when you get post-searing, craft yourself a full suit of nicer (armour 15 is the lowest) stuff :)

edit: Incidentally, if it's the colour that's bothering you (green top with red everything else) you can use Dye Remover (buyable from any merchant for 50g) on the top to make it red :)

02-05-2005, 16:29
Ok, thanks for telling that. I allready got the the next place (two years before in time or something like that) and i'm trying to get bonelace armor set now (the better version of it)..I thought I was rich when i had allmost 900gold when i arrvied there, but i'm still missing some materials and gold for the leggins... :eek: So, any comments/tips about my class selections? necro/mesmer seems a bit hard to play at this point.. :confused:

02-05-2005, 16:57
I can't really comment on it though I certainly haven't seen many N/Mes builds. I'm playing a N/War Vampire build, so very high blood magic, lots of draining :)