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01-05-2005, 22:03
this is my very first build using both n and me i want to go n primary cos they just look better(mesmer look to friendly). this for pve with some pvp. i want to go down the route of anti-warrior so im thinking

Soul Reaping - 5
Blood - 10
Illusion - 10
Curses - 10


Vampiric Gaze
Soul Barbs
Shadow of Fear
Price of Failure
Parasitic Bond
Feast of Corruption

i have vampiric gaze and parasitic bond to heal when i start to get hurt.

To "attack" i have soul barbs then the curses im not sure that this will be enough though athough they shouldnt get to many hits due to faintheartedness and shadow of fear.

any ideas are appreciated especially against rangers for pvp

01-05-2005, 22:39
Well this is anti-warrior build. I suggest dropping parasitic bond . Its not worth a slot. You could try changing clumsinness to empathy. But im not sure if you should go mesmer for just 1 skill that doesnt change that much your build.

02-05-2005, 11:23
I have made builds that are Necros only. To go anti warrior, and they are very good indeed at doing so! It is not realy woth going that much with illusion magic. just use curses and blood, plus some soul reaping!

Undead Bonzi
04-05-2005, 09:45
Your attributes are spread out too much. To get greater effect try to limit yourself to three attributes. It might seem limiting but its really not, there are tons of spells linked to each attribute and if you search a bit you'll have no problem finding all the spells you need

05-05-2005, 07:59
Here's a build I'm working on. I'm not a PVP player, so this is PVE, usually with a healer henchman. But it works. It can be modified with Illusion of haste and Imagined Burden to facilitate the running away from stuff if necessary, but it works pretty well as it is.

Blood Magic: 10
Inspiration Magic: 10
Illusion Magic: 10
Soul Reaping 5

Life Transfer (Elite) Blood Magic -5/+5 Maguuma Stade
Life Siphon Blood Magic -2/+2 *
Unholy Feast Blood Magic Direct Drain Maguuma Stade

Conjure Phantom Illusion Magic -5 *
Illusion of Weakness Illusion Magic Heal Ventari's Refuge

Ether Feast Inspiration Magic Heal/Energy Drain *
Energy Tap Inspiration Magic Energy Gain *

For my 8th Skill, I would use one of the two below the line. For more direct damage, I'd pick Shadow Strike. Otherwise, I'd use Awaken the Blood.

Awaken the Blood Blood Magic Special Fisherman's Haven
Shadow Strike Blod Magic Damage/Drain Captain Greyhawk: North Kyrta Province

Alternately, if you want to focus on 3 skills instead of 4, use this spread. Though, the sacrifice of 1 point of Blood Magic for an additional 5 points of Soul Reaping I feel is a VERY acceptable trade off.

Blood Magic: 11
Illusion: 10
Inspiration: 10

This is a theoritical build for PVE, so comments are welcome. Just be kind.