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02-05-2005, 03:29
Some people are a little bit ahead of the curve now, and it's not simply because they're lucky. I, for one, know that I can win in almost any PvP tournament right now because my competition is comprised entirely of premade characters. The roleplaying character I've made already has full plate mail full of runes, with a maximum damage sword and all the skills I want. I have an unbelievable cashflow, and now I will share with you the art of making money as a W/Mo.


Armor set from Ventari's refuge or better
(Droknar's Forge armor preferred.)
Sword of at least 13-19 damage.
(15-21 preferred)


Sever Artery
Gash (Substitute Savage Slash)
Final Thrust
Deadly Riposte
Shield bash
Healing signet
Endure pain

I hunt places that are, for the majority, melee and caster type monsters. My favorite way to make the most money is exiting East out of Elona's reach. Cast mending on yourself first thing. Your primary target is sand drakes (level 21.) Their primary skills are: Attunement to Earth, Ward against Melee, Earthquake, Aftershock. They are social.

Approach a drake. It will cast attunement to earth first thing. Immediately after it will get into melee range and cast Ward against Melee. If you substituted Savage Slash for Gash, you can slash to keep him from casting this. Immediately after he will cast Aftershock, then begin melee attacking. If you have Gash, then once he has casted Ward against melee, turn and run as he begins casting Aftershock and you will dodge the damage. He will chase you out of the Ward. Engaging him in a ward against melee is difficult- he will dodge often.

Now that you have him outside of his ward and without his spell, start slashing to gain adrenaline. Sever artery and gash (if you have it.) You should easily bring him down to half HP and be able to use Final strike. He will attempt to cast Ward against Melee again. Slash him or just leave the area of it once again. If at any point you need to heal, use deadly riposte and shield bash at the same time, then use the signet. The shield bash will knock him over, and the deadly riposte will block his attack and cause bleeding. You will have time to cast signet twice without taking extra damge this way.

When fighting two drakes at once, it may be neccesary to heal more. Once you have finished a drake, you can easily gain much HP back by running in a circle with Mending on. Using shield bash, if he catches up to you enough to attack while you're healing it will knock him over, giving you enough time to use the signet. Be careful not to run too far east- you might run into a Sand Wurm, and then your hunt is over.

Avoid scorpions on the surface. If they crawl out of the ground and you're forced to fight them, your shield bash and deadly riposte will be worthless. They also have interupting shot, which they will use immediately if you try to cast healing signet. When fighting a pack of scorpions, sever artery right away. Gash, and final strike to kill. When you need to heal, back away from the scorpions enough that you can dodge their shots by running in a criss-cross. If you cast your signet, they will use distracting shot to disable it, so instead...

Begin casting your signet and immediately click to move away and cancel the spell. They will all use their distracting shots which will do nothing if you have stopped the spell in time. Then you are free to heal. If you are in a desperate situation, endure pain is always an easy way out.

Hunting in this manor, I've managed to make about 3-4 plat per hour. Common drops will salvage for steel, and many monsters will drop 90-150 gold. This adds up really quick when your hunting solo. Hope some of this strategy has been helpful to everyone! Good luck hunting.

04-05-2005, 02:02
where is elonas reach
is that in the desert?
becouse so far i only have one town in desert

04-05-2005, 04:41
Very nice, :happy34: but is that the soloist type?

(I don't really bother much to $ hunt, I usually get rich by trading.)

04-07-2005, 11:24
Thats nice :) but is this strat enough to take on the bosses at the far end? there are 2 bosses usually, one warrior and one elementalist, they are usually with 1-2 drakes, i find it very hard to take them on :(

Lord Gargoyle
04-07-2005, 13:47
Thats nice :) but is this strat enough to take on the bosses at the far end? there are 2 bosses usually, one warrior and one elementalist, they are usually with 1-2 drakes, i find it very hard to take them on :(

you dont take them on. you avoid them. ;) they dont drop special loot anyway.

04-07-2005, 14:57
How are your attribute points spended?

I'm trying to come up with a working concept, but I seem to fail miserably everytime :(

05-07-2005, 05:32
How are your attribute points spended?

I'm trying to come up with a working concept, but I seem to fail miserably everytime :(

12 healing
11 tactics
13 axe
(forgot abt rest im at work atm)

im an axe warr/monk and i can kill all the mobs there execpt the jade bugs+hydras in grps of 3 or more and of cos the annoying sand wurm
hydras are soloable when they are in groups of 2 or alone u jus need to avoid their metor
boses there are soloable as well but not worth it as they never dropped anything good from my experience


Shield stance (for emergency use)
healing breeze (main healing)
Healing hands (backup healing)
Balthazar's Spirit (for energy+adrealine recharging)
cyclone axe (gawd i lub this skill)
Executioner's Strike
Penetrating Blow
Swift Chop

as mention once drakes cast *ward againest melee
simply run out of the ring of effect
best to use some absorbsion stuff as well
i had ascalon boots+shield -2dmg (while enchanted)+major absorbsion
it really helps loads
hope this helps :happy34:

05-07-2005, 07:15
I would say im an experienced farmer and here are my two cents.

I play a w/mo also but after trying differant builds as a w/mo I would say IMHO that using a aoe smite build is better then using any kind of weapon build for farming. Even if it is aoe damage.

My farming build is 12 smite 12 healing. I use healing hands as my elite, and I have -5 perma damage reduction. I use a +5 energy sword and a +12 healing wand that gives +20 percent chance for faster recharge/casting. I wear 4 pieces of ar 80 gladiators armor and my base energy level is IIRC 42 or 43.

20+17+6=43, yeah should be 43 base energy. Skills I use are:

HealingPrayers: 12
SmitingPrayers: 12

- Balthazar's Aura (Smiting Prayers)
- Symbol of Wrath (Smiting Prayers)
- Healing Breeze (Healing Prayers)
- Balthazar's Spirit(Smiting Prayers)
- Mend Ailment (Protection Prayers)
- Reversal of Fortune (Protection Prayers)
- Zealot's Fire (Smiting Prayers)
- Healing Hands [Elite] (Healing Prayers)

You will notice there isnt a single warrior skill in there. Sometimes I do use a stance instead of Breeze, usually it is sprint or a stance that prevents arrows from hitting you for a bit. It just depends on if Im trying to group up critters that use crippling vs degen more. Or if fighting knockdown critters then use a anti-knockdown stance.

This build works great vs any group of critters that dosent use enchantment removal. If you are fighting undead you dont even need to activate zealots fire and spam the low recharge spells. If you are fighting non undead then do use zealots.

Lots of ppl use a very similar build to this or the same exact one. Usually the variations from it are used depending on the specific type of critters you are fighting. I didn't invent it, dont know who did. But this build is what I use when I farm(and can stand the grind of farming).

Things you have to remember that are key to farming success.
1. You have to have the right skills and equipment to do it right.

That being said, just get to level 20 before you try to start farming. In the long run its much easier and nets a overall greater cashflow. You will have more then enough money from normal play to buy anything you need to farm.

2. Speed is key to farming(I dont mean movement enhancements, I mean speed of kill and downtime between killing).

The faster you can kill, and then move on to the next group the more money you generate over all.

That is why I use this build over the various weapon type farming builds that I have tried. This build simply kills faster then atleast any cyclone axe build I've tried. There are elementalist/smite builds that are pretty fast so if you aren't a w/mo or a monk primary then look into a elementalist build.

3. Know what type of enemy to farm.

Quantity is sometimes better then quality of monster. It just depends on what you are looking for. Killing 20 level 12-14 monsters at one time can net as much or money then killing 2-3 level 20+ monsters at one time. If you are looking for rare items to use/sell then go for higher level monsters.

All these things pretty much just say be as efficient as you can. That is what nets you the most money in the most time. With the above build I can farm where the original poster said(the sand drakes) and take 2-3 at a time no problem. But I know I can do it much faster with a smite build then I can using a cyclone axe or sword build. And there are alot better locations then the sand drakes. The sand drakes are too spread out, even if you kill then rezone and redo, it just takes too much time given the amount of money generated.

Everything I have written has more then likely been posted in tons of other places before, I just thought I would compile it all again, and add to it from my own farming experience, so it is up fresh for would be farmers to see.

As for locations and the fine tuning of the build that is up for the player to find out. Cant do all the work for ya :)

Maximus Bellator
05-07-2005, 08:42
You are working way too much for these sand drake drops. Any melee mobs can easily be defeated with monk skills from the smiting line.

i.e. balthazar's aura, symbol of wrath, zealot's fire, a quick casting spell like Reversal of Fortune. Add in Bonetti's defense and gladiator's defense to avoid attacks and extra dmg from gladiators with a few heals and you will own any melee. You could throw in Balanced stance to take on melee mobs that use knockdown skills. You do most of your damage with smiting skills anyway so don't worry about wards/dodging.

Edit: seems I'm a little late :P

05-07-2005, 09:06
3-4 plat 1 hour.. not bad if you want to waste your time.. find the semi-public farm areas the giants were good i made 20k 1 run 2 gold salvage items.. back then b4 nerf and faction i sold 5 gold salvage giants boots unid and unsalvaged for 60k.. they droped like crazy atleast 5 golds a day and i had up to 35 purple on me at a time

05-07-2005, 09:29
My posts intent was to help new farmers make money, coming here to brag out how much money you made before this or that nerf serves no purpose.

05-07-2005, 19:05
My posts intent was to help new farmers make money, coming here to brag out how much money you made before this or that nerf serves no purpose.

Another idea would be to flip-flop the w/mo into a mo/w, which is my farming build. Similar skills, although i carry divine boon with me for the harder hitting or more numerous mobs. This is my usual farming build:
bal spirit
Divine Boon
Zealot fire
bal aura
Balanced/disciplined/gladiators stance

Start top down, cast bal spirit first and maintain it. Then i run around, gathering as many drakes as i can, then boon (if enough drakes to hurt you too fast), zealots, the bal aurs, then spam RoF and OoH til dead. If i get into trouble, or zealots wears off, pop a stance off, cast SoW or zealots again and repeat..

Only issue with this build is the mesmer's diversion (centaurs cast this) and shatter enchantment. But then, once you figure out they use shatter on your most recently casted enchantment, and rarely recast it after, they usually kill your zealots, so save your stance for the shatter, than pop stance and recast zealots and repeat.

What I like about this build is the versitality of it. I can be a one-man wrecking crew in some zones, and switch to a group healer in others.