View Full Version : Halting the apocalypse? (spoilers)

Red Frog
02-05-2005, 09:19
Ok, so the Charr are all dead and Red Eye is now Red Puddle (http://bellsouthpwp.net/x/f/xforum/Visual/temp/gw066.jpg). Did I win? Am I the hero? Or do I still have to watch my beloved Ascalon burn to the ground after all that?


02-05-2005, 10:17
my god, i know a few people figured out how to successfully fight the smaller groups of charr (i couldnt figure it out), but how in the name of all that is noteworthy did you destroy THAT group? i think there are four bosses!

02-05-2005, 10:24
I've done this a couple of times now - completed cleared the northlands of every living thing, not just the charr bosses. It doesn't do anything special.

EDIT: On how I cleared the northlands twice.

In short - it's hard. Very hard. Expect to die many times. Since there is no death penalty in pre-searing, this works. I did it with war/ele and a friend who was an ele/mo. A primary healer might make it easier I guess.

To start with, you will need to lure some groups back to the NPC healer near the resurrection shrine. Head until you find a group, then hit one with the longest range weapon you have. I kept a longbow on weapon for just this purpose. As soon as it hits and they charge you, run. You need to keep at least one of them in the "sight" range of your character - shown by the light circle around you on the minimap. If you go outside this, they will lose interest and head back.

Once you get some near the res shrine, just work on fighting them. You might still die, but you will res nearby, and the NPC healer there will help you out a lot. Go for the shamen first since they can heal others, then I found it best to go for the hunters next, their penetrating arrows attack really hurts. You can keep this up for a while, leading them back to the shrine, but soon enough you get too far away for that to work.

When you are too far from the res shrine, you need to modify the strategy a little. Try to lure out individuals or only 2-3 charr from a mob. It's not easy, you just have to keep at it. Target just one charr and try to kill it, even if you die straight afterwards. You need to gradually reduce their numbers to stand a chance. Once you get all the loose ones roaming around the area, you can go for the bosses. Again, lure them out one at a time if possible. When you have managed to kill all 4 bosses, it gets a little easier, since you will be on a 8% morale boost.

That's about it. Done it twice, died about 30 times in total.

Red Frog
02-05-2005, 14:00
That's frustrating.

I am really enjoying this game but if there's one thing I like less than invincible bosses, it's worthless boss fights.

Maybe they should consider a 3rd branching story for those who want to stop them at the gates and continue with the current story for those who join the academy. Either that or have the 'bosses' replaced with peon placeholders.