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02-05-2005, 11:12
Since I'm totally new to Guild Wars and haven't played the BWEs, some help would be useful. I want to be an elementalist for sure, and I'm pretty sure that my second profession is going to be mesmer, but I have no idea on what attributes are good to focus on and what skills are good to use, so any advice would be appreciated. :)


03-05-2005, 01:15
ok, so just to clarrify, there are no good skills and no bad skills. just different combinations. now, if ur gunna go elementalist, you deffinetaly want to put points in Energy Storage, and if ur going mesmer, put them in Inspiration (just like me. =D) now, for the main attribute, your going to have to decide between fire, water, earth, and air. I personally like air, but really its your choice. then, once u pick what you want, you should probably try out different skill combo's till u find one that works. dotn look too hard. choose one that comes natural to you. Let me tell you what the different ones do:
Fire Magic - Lots of AoE power Spells. takes lots of energy and time. Good for groups of people
Water Magic - Slows down enemies or brings them to a halt, and does some damage. Good against warriors
Earth Magic - Protection and effects, and some damage too. Good to protect yourself.
Air Magic - Single Target downing. Knockdowns and exhaustion. Good for taking down bosses or monks.
Now, the choice is yours.
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08-05-2005, 13:56
if ure going 4 a mesmer, put alot of points to what ever u need 4 conjure phantesm. It works like poison only it lasts longer the more points u put in it, so u can shoot it and run and theyll juz die over time. its an important skill. It help me alot 4 every boss there is. All i had to do was use the skill and run when i got low on health.

08-05-2005, 22:35
i have a ele/mes and i have 8 fire 4 enegrystorage 2 illusion and 1 domination...
i dont know if this is a good build... but it works for me

i have hit 35+ on lvl 3 rock element and 100+ on plant and ice

the conjour phantasim*** has only 2 skill's it it so it does 4damage/second for 5 seconds

i have full pyromancer armor (the 30 armor kind) flames eye, holy rod, +5-7 firedamage and an other thing, cant remember name. but it is +6 enegry and +4-6 fire damage...

if somone could let me know how i am doing with this setup, and mabey some recmoendation would be awesome.. but i hoped this helps anyone

please rate my elementalist

21-01-2008, 05:07
ok i am an ele warrior lvl 20 elite ele, I have 15 in fire and 12 in energy, u need to get fire attunment and elemental attunment so u get 80% of the energy u use back, the aura of restoration takes care of the healing at 350% health back of the energy i use, i use longer distance,high energy spells to reduce damage taken and maximize healing out of aura of res. this tends to work well now u will have a few attribute points left enough for lvl on inspiration try that and see if that works once ur lvl 20

Archlich Necrosaro
21-01-2008, 07:43
Most builds I do as "old school" or cliche as it maybe but I go 16 10 8 in 3 attributes. However there's occasions I'll spread out a little more. With say a fire ele I max it out get the fire headpiece and a sup run on it. Then I go 10 energy storage which gives me health from aura of resto and then my attunement. However you can use a major rune of attunement or minor and boost up the last attribute or go for a 4th attribute. I've gone mesmer seccondary for numerous reasons. Interupts(counter your interupters), Degen to spread the pain. But mostly energy management. An ele needing energy management? Oh yes believe me it happens especially using the high powered spells like a real spell slinger. However inspiration attribute is very nice on its own. I'll break down what i've used the attributes for.
Energy Storage- I was initially confused at the initial sight of it. Thinking" So i cast a spell and it stores energy then gives it back to my mana?" (dumb thought until I read.) More points you have higher base energy(mana as i call it) you have. Ontop of this spells in this attribute help you regain energy, health and such. eles worth their salt invest in this. Its not unheard of to have eles having almost 100 energy.
Fire- very little farming however it is done. This is your typical nuking line and every pug will want a fire ele especially one called searing flames (I haven't used it but I like keeping to tried and true old fashioned nuking). However burning is a very fun condition to spread to the enemies.
Water- Snaring, some use in general pve but great for snaring casters and warriors and then escaping. Mist Form is a powerful spell thats used in farming.
Air- Pvp air spikes, not really good now from what I've heard but very useful imo.
Earth- Tanking with obsidian tank, farming(especially Underworld) Supporting your party with wards. Very useful especially with fire eles. Protect yourself and fellow nuker while he lays down the punishment.

As for mesmer lines I'm not a pro but from my experience I'll try breaking it down.

Fast casting- as it sounds skills help your spells cast and recast/recharge faster. imo any mesmer worth while I'm sure has a strong investment in this.
Domination- Interupts, punishment through actions via empathy, backfire, spirit of failure(i think its here) energy denial.. this is your anti class right here.
Illusion- mess with the mind alot of snares and degen. I haven't played much with this but from what i've seen degen is a very powerful weapon in fights especially bosses.
Inspiration- This is what will make you or break you. Mantras, energy gain for yourself to fuel the punishment. Energy denial for others, helping your party by removing hexes and conditions(i think). Bending things back to the enemy. Illusion skills/stances/mantras(forget its late) will help you survive. Illusion of weakness is the life saver of many mesmers. Illusion of haste, helps you run but at its end cripples you. The elemental mantras and such can reduce the damage you get but also gives you energy. Rangers farming fow forest know Mantra of lightning almost intimately.

I think that sums things up from my own mind... now bed I go.

21-01-2008, 07:58
Play around with different elements until you get to level 20 and have full attributes. By then you should have some idea of what line you'd most like to play, but do consider the bigger picture and don't just play a fire ele, or don't just play an air ele. They all have advantages and disadvantages in different areas.

Example: In Eye of the North there's a foe-type called the Destroyers. They have very high armor vs fire and are immune to burning. Taking another element is smart here.

Example the second: Plant type enemies have high armor to lightning (air magic) damage. So taking an aeromancer into plant areas is silly. They're weak to fire. So burn, baby, burn!

That said. A good template to follow when you have full attributes is 14 in your element, 8 or 9 in Earth magic, the rest in Energy Storage. The reason for the Earth magic is for a ward. Ward Against Melee, Ward Against Elements are awesome, fantastic skills and I rarely leave home without one of them on my elementalist. (That's with runes btw, Minor rune alongside the headpiece of the same type, a minor energy storage rune and a minor earth rune).

Obviously if you go Earth then you'll want more than 8 or 9 in Earth ;).

I rarely use my secondary other than for rezzing or the occasional utility skill where I don't have to use many points from that line. There's no need to take much healing (let the healers worry about that) and if you're relying too much on your secondary then you may as well just play that class as a primary.

It will take a while for you to get a decent skill selection, but by the time you have maxed attributes you may want to look at something like this

Aura of Restoration, Fire/Air/Water/Earth Attunement, Glyph of Lesser Energy, <Damage spell>, <Damage spell>, <Damage Spell>, Ward, Rez.

I've used that general template with a few alterations here and there throughout all 3 campaigns, the expansion and on into hard mode.

Get armor when you can, as a squishie you'll need it. When you get to a new town look for armorers, if the armor available is higher than what you have, try to buy it if you have the cash. Don't forget to add insignias to it to boost it up. You can never go wrong with +health insignias on a caster. Or if you want to go on the cheaper side, go with +10 while enchanted insignias, also known as Blessed.

Use whatever weapon you can get your hands on. I personally go with staves on my elementalists. Max staves have a base of +10 energy with various recharge / cast-time mods. Just plod along and when you get a better one, use that. Damage doesn't matter on caster weapons, neither does requirement unless you're using an offhand. So if you happen to stumble across a Req 13 Fire staff and you're a water ele, then that isn't much of a problem.

Hopefully that wasn't information overload ;). Have fun with your ele. I have a blast with mine :D

Auntie I
21-01-2008, 10:42
Guys' your answers are nice, but really the question is 2 years old....

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