View Full Version : Mes/Ran or Ran/Mes for anti-caster/overall versatility in PvP?

02-05-2005, 21:21
I've just quickly gotten a Mes/Ran through the newb area, and I like it, but I'm just wondering if I should consider switching the primaries before I invest too much time.

I think I'm leaning towards going mostly with the domination/marksmanship trees, so which primary attribute would benefit me more? I dont think I will have the skill points to put much if any into beast mastery.

How useful is the increased armor of the Ranger primary over the mesmer primary? That would seem to be the biggest advantage to me. How much energy do you lose out on with ranger primary, and is expertise enough to make up for this?

I'm planning this character to be anti-caster in pvp, but of course being good overall never hurts. I'd love to hear any opinions on this choice. Thanks for any responses.

Elu Annare
05-05-2005, 15:58

I also built a Mesmer Ranger and am having alot of fun, its pretty tough to solo with him but he is a great asset to the guild war. I basically dropped marksmenship
for Beastry so my animal could do more damage while I fast cast on Spell casters.
Still experimenting I am level 10 and managed to make it to Serenity temple. I tried to do the Piken Square missions but with Henchies I do not stand a chance. Let me know how your build goes