View Full Version : Pre-Searing questions

03-05-2005, 11:08
1. Where do I get the other "gifts" for lady Althea I've only found the pearl and the pendant

2. How do you get north of the wall?`Do you have to be 2 to do it? I go up on the wall pull the lever and see the gate open but when I get down the gate is closed

3. Is there a more detailed collectors guide? Only found one listing the collectors the items they want and where to find them? Is there one that also says what each class will get from them?

4. And lastly :-) Do some mobs drop dyes more than others? Dye's are very expensive to buy and I've gotten a few in Pre-Searing but if there's a better place to look it would be great

Seria Mystique

03-05-2005, 11:19
1. The other gift is the feather which is in Ashford (just press ALT and have a look around).

2. As far as I know, you need 2 people. I never found a way to do it solo.

3. http://members.cox.net/elfdale/GWCollec.htm

4. Bah, 3/4 ain't bad :)