View Full Version : Black Dragon Guild Recruiting

sir blackmoon
03-05-2005, 17:30
Join the Black Dragon Guild today. We have newbs.... vets... a wide range of expertise... GW exclusive society.


1. We run a factional government. The Guild is broken down into factions of 8 members. Each faction may concentrate on PvP, PvE, GvG or any combination.

2. Ministries in development! We are currently forming Ministries to be in charge of training, diplomacy (scheduling sparring practices with other guilds), recruitment, and finance. This should allow for a higher level of quality from each Ministry instead of having a handful of members do it all.

3. Ministry of Finance! Will collect weekly taxes in small sums to help supplement the high armor and weapon costs of high-end equipment. Dedicated to aid the PvP and GvG factions/members, but available to all.

4. Teamspeak! We have a new TS server that is available to all guild members.

5. Spirit Alliance... we are creating the Spirit Allliance, an alliance of private and public guilds for no-pressure PvP/GvG practice, development and discussion.

6. 40 + members... most are still waiting to purchase the retail version, but through the betas we had to stop recruiting because we had neared the beta's 50 guild member cap.

7. Guild Website! We have our own website with forums, news, poll, and TS block.

If interested, whisper Sir Blackmoon in game or visit our website at www.blackdragonguild.net and read through the FAQ's, hop on the forums and participate. Click on "Join BDG!" under the main menu for a simple application as a simple disclaimer of acceptance to our Doctrine.